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Now There’s a Better Way. A Safer Way: Introducing Plain Forex Trading Signals

Plain Forex Signals are made for people like you who actually have a life. It’s easy to learn – easy to use – easy to trade.

When you subscribe to Plain Forex Trading Signals:

  • We send you low-risk, high-profit Forex signals every morning between 5:30 am and 11:00 EST by email, text message and Twitter
  • We give you exact entry prices, stop-loss orders and profit targets
  • We send you upgrades during the day of any open trades as they progress
  • At the end of the day, we’ll send you an email with charts and detailed explanations of all trades made during that day.

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There’s no easier way to make money in the Forex Markets!

Why should you choose Plain Forex Signals?

Over 70% Success Rate

• We publish actual trades with proven results – no one else does this

• We trade almost every day with low preset risks and potentially unlimited rewards

• Look over our shoulders, watch our trades and learn the reasons behind each one

• Professional commentary during the day

• Trade in your spare time

• No need to constantly watch the markets – Set your trades and Go!

• Learn proven trading strategies just by watching

• Learn to trade like a Professional and avoid common trading mistakes

• Get fast, reliable trading signals

• Ask Questions – Get Answers – Fast!

• Access Anywhere – Home, Car, Office or Beach.

But don’t take our word for it – here’s what our customers are saying:


Good things really do come from Canada!
The trades today were impressive, and I loved how you handled them step-by-step – very professional and methodical, I love it!
The copier is so sweet and sophisticated, just awesome!  All my trades were closed correctly (at least I think so, I will compare against your emails), and I made almost 80 pips in one day.  Nice, nice, nice.
I am so glad I decided to take part in this and found you when I did.  As you know, 99% of signal providers are PURE MARKETERS and stink at trading, they’re just in it to collect fees…with you I feel I may have something genuine!  Bless you and your Canadian self, Dave, thank you for making your expertise and knowledge and skills available to other people, that is so very kind!
Much appreciated,
Kris in Minnesota
  • really like this service.  explanations are clear and appreciated.  hope you and your service stay around a good long while.
  • great trading yesterday……helps keep my optimism up to leave my company for full time trading next year.Hi Dave, Good call today!
  • Thanks very much for your detailed answer Dave. A lot of Pips!
  • Dave, Good call. Hope the mojo be with you.
    good stuff dave. 
  • Well done. A nice profitable week!
  • Hey Dave…made some nice pips today!
  • Good solid trades based on analysis that is clearly explained and managed to end

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