About Plain Forex Trading

Traders and trading novices, welcome to Plain Forex Trading! I’m David Huge, the founder and editor of Plain Forex Trading, the place for you to learn how to trade currencies profitably and also receive trading information daily.

Plain Forex Trading started as a simple Blogspot blog where I’d post tips and daily advice on how to successfully trade currencies for anyone interested in making some extra income. As the blog grew and gained a following, I realized that it was turning into something bigger and better than I could have initially expected. People were turning to the site daily and actually making profits from the information I was providing them with. It felt pretty good knowing that I was not only helping reel in a new generation of traders, but also making a real difference in my visitors’ lives. Realizing that we were now more than a blog, we decided to move on over to this site here, get ourselves a pretty little makeover, and continue to teach people how to increase their income by trading foreign exchanges.

Let’s be honest, it never hurts to make a little extra income on top of your primary source of income. With myths on the difficulty of trading currencies running rampant everywhere, it’s not unsurprising that more people don’t turn to trading as a source of increasing their income. Not doing so is definitely a mistake. Trading currencies profitably doesn’t have to be difficult; it’s only difficult when you don’t know what you are doing.

We can’t stand unnecessarily difficult things here at Plain Forex Trading, so we do everything we can to provide you with information that’ll make trading simple. We only use plain vanilla tools and techniques that proved to work for generations of traders. Using this tools and techniques, we developed the Plain Forex Trading system—a straightforward, down-to-the-point, robust, and easy-to-learn system—that’s been proven to work in all market conditions.

We’re here to teach you this system so that you too can learn how to trade currencies profitably and enjoy the financial and lifestyle benefits that trading from home brings.