Forex News Trading Strategy

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Do you enjoy watching the news? Would you like to make money off the news?

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You no longer need to worry about indicators and oscillators and you can ignore all fundamental and technical data. All you need to do is concentrate on price action on a simple 15-minute price chart.

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Here’s what We Teach You About in This eBook:

  • Easy Risk Management Techniques
  • Proper Trade Order Sizes and How to Calculate Them
  • Where to Find the Important News Releases
  • How to Tell When News is About to Be Released
  • Which News Releases to Trade
  • How to Profit off the News Releases
  • Which Currencies to Trade on the News
  • When to Place Your Orders
  • How to Protect Your Orders
  • How to Split Your Trades to Increase Profitability

And so much more.

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