Wd., July 16 Forex signals

There were no signals on Tuesday and today’s signal was not triggered as the market continued moving sideways. We traded news in USDCAD this morning: USDCAD Buy 1.0776 SL 1.0750 P1= 1.0796 P2= 1.0806 USDCAD Sell 1.0750 SL 1.0776 P1= 1.0727 P2= 1.0716 This news trade was a real-life example of the worst price move … [Read more…]

Monday night news trade

We traded the Australian news release at night: AUDUSD Buy 0.9403 SL 0.9374 P1= 0.9423 P= 0.9443 AUDUSD Sell 0.9374 SL 0.9403 P1= 0.9354 P2= 0.9334 The price went up first triggering our buy orders but then it reversed hitting our stop-loss orders. The long trade resulted in a loss of -81 pips. As soon … [Read more…]