Th., July 3 Trading News Releases

July 4, 2014 at 4:01 pm

We made some money trading the U.S. Employment and Trade Balance news releases today

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The following signals were sent to our subscribers this morning:

USDCAD Sell 1.0644 SL 1.0674 P1= 1.0624 P2= 1.0604
USDCAD Buy 1.0674 SL 1.0644 P1= 1.0694 P2= 1.0604

EURUSD Buy 1.3664 SL 1.3641 P1= 1.3684 P2= 1.3694
EURUSD Sell 1.3641 SL 1.3664 P1= 1.3621 P2= 1.3606

Due to the volatility, the trading results of  our subscribers varied this time. The USDCAD pair did not go far and was closed at the break even. The EURUSD cooperated but we experienced a significant slippage of 24 pips in our Master trading account and as the result we made just a small profit.

Nevertheless, some of our subscribers shorted EURUSD with practically no slippage and enjoyed nice profits. The pair reached both profit targets. The chart below is just for illustration purposes:

EURUSD news trade July 3