Wd., July 2 Forex signals and trades results: +126 pips and counting

July 2, 2014 at 10:20 pm

We made a nice profit today by shorting AUDUSD: +126 pips realized plus 2 units still open with stop-loss in-the-money.

The original signal this morning was to short USDJPY and AUDUSD. We did short the AUDUSD and cancelled the USDJPY order later on as it moved in the opposite direction.

From: Dave Hughe <plainfx@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, Jul 2, 2014 at 7:35 AM
Subject: July 2
USDJPY Sell 101.38 SL 101.71 P1= 101.18 P2 101.06

AUDUSD Sell 0.9449 SL 0.9501 P1= 0.9426 P2= 0.9406

The first take profit price was updated later to P1= 0.9421.

Tonight we issued another signal to short more AUDUSD:

From: Dave Hughe <plainfx@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, Jul 2, 2014 at 8:57 PM
Subject: New Order
AUDUSD Sell 0.9428 SL 0.9456 P1= 0.9408 P2= 0.9393

So far the results look like in the chart below. We are still holding 2 units open with stop-loss at 0.9406.

AUDUSD trade July 2