Plain Forex Trade Copier Results: +37.73% Profit In 3 Months

August 29, 2014 at 3:50 pm

+37.73% Profit Made since June 1, 2014 in the Plain Forex Trade Copier Real Account.

+$538 Profit in 3 months for the account size of $1,426.

Trade Copier $ Results Jun-Aug

As the name implies, Plain Forex Trade Copier copies our EXACT TRADES into your MT4 account… The Second Those Trades Are Made. 

If you were a member of Plain Forex Trading on June 1st, these exact trades would’ve been copied into your account.

This is What You Get with the Trade Copier:

1) Our software copies the trades we make, directly into your MT4 trading account – including stop-loss orders and profit targets.

2)  We explain every trade we’re making, so you can see WHY a trade makes money, as you actually make real money on the trade.

3)  Each trade is managed throughout the day, to ensure maximum profitability.

4)  At the end of each day, we send you a detailed account of what trades were made or adjusted, and WHY, so you learn on the fly what makes a trade profitable (while earning the same profits we do).

5)  We stand behind our customers – after ordering, you can shoot us any questions you have and we’ll answer them!

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