Index Review CFD Broker Review

October 21, 2020 at 11:40 am

Index Review Highlights

IndexReview is a streamlined online brokerage that operates with high-tech infrastructure and minimal overheads, with the main goal of making trading cheaper and affordable for the broadest number of traders possible. The brand is owned by High Concept Holdings LTD, a company regulated by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC).

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What’s important to note about the broker is that it has managed to develop a new standard of trading innovation over the years, allowing sophisticated investments in CFDs within a simple structure. There are more than 1,000 different assets available for trading, including tens of different FX pairs, on top of stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

Considering its unique trading approach and the variety of benefits provided, we would like to offer this comprehensive review. Are you looking for a new FX and CFD broker to work with? Here is what IndexReview can provide right now.

Trading Software

Its advanced trading platform opens up markets with leading trading tools and instruments, online webinars, real-time data, and more than 1,000 assets currently supported. This is a proprietary browser-based platform, designed for both beginners and experienced traders.

Customized charts and live data feed, CFDs, FX, and crypto under 1 wallet, professional trading tools, as well as desktop, mobile & tablet compatibility are just some of the benefits.

Relying on a proprietary solution means that customers can benefit from a personalized trading experience and at the same time, use the exact tools that are a must in the current market environment. The Index Review platform benefits from decent feedback, which is something notable, given there are so many different solutions in the market.

Index Review Assets

The asset coverage at Index Review is not focused solely on a particular market but integrates FX pairs, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Because of this, the broker wants to satisfy traders with different objectives, making sure they can get involved in the assets they desire.


Index Review assets

However, it is important to note that Forex pairs and stocks cover most of the list,  assets that have been increasingly active this year. But diversification is key in such an environment so traders can also trade on indices, commodities, or some of the leading cryptocurrencies.

The leverage is flexible, ranging from 1:400 for FX pairs, to a minimum of 1:5 for cryptocurrencies and stocks. More volatile instruments carry low volatility to prevent high losses. At the same time, with risk management tools traders can keep their risk under control.

Account Types

But diversification can’t only be found just in the asset coverage, but also in the accounts available with IndexReview. Regardless of personal finances, anybody should be able to open a live account with the broker, considering a Basic account requires a minimum deposit of $250. Customer support 24/7, access to an education center, webinars, price alerts, and other benefits are granted, which is why even a basic account can be efficient.

Still, the offer does not end with it and there are also Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP accounts available. Keep in mind that also runs a welcome bonus promotion, ranging between 10%-100% depending on the account type chosen. Terms and conditions will also apply for those choosing to receive the bonus.


Regardless of the previous trading background, there are always things left to learn. That is why is focused on providing comprehensive educational resources. Video courses, eBooks, webinars, and many other useful tools are integrated into the Education Center, to make sure that both beginners and experienced traders can get more insights into the financial markets. We appreciate the fact that the broker considers this aspect so seriously and puts in a great effort to promote responsible trading.

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After an in-depth analysis of what it has to offer, we did not find anything wrong with Index Review. This is an international trading brand regulated by IFSC, wanting to show that it truly puts the customer first. Considering the uncertain market environment as well as the high level of volatility, the great advantage of Index Review comes from the diversified set of assets as well as the account types.

On top of that, clients can benefit from 24/7 support, plenty of educational resources, and a platform built in-house to provide a unique trading experience. IndexReview qualifies as a reliable broker and can be put alongside other brands that have already delivered. Check their websites to find out more about what they can offer right now!


500Investments Review

October 11, 2020 at 8:10 am


500Investments Highlights

500Investments is an online trading brand owned and operated by Cabsy Holdings Ltd., focused on providing an innovative approach to trading for traders from all around the world, except for several restricted jurisdictions like the United States of America. The main reason why the broker benefits from increased attention has to do with the broad coverage of instruments, currently including more than 1,000 different assets, including tens of FX pairs, alongside stocks, indices, commodities, and crypto.

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Privacy and security are two of the main concerns for 500Investments, which is why the company uses advanced encryption methods and has clear rules for dealing with personal and financial data. Customers only need to take care of the trading process, while the broker takes care of the rest. Do you want to know if 500Investments is a reliable broker? Our review should help you get an answer.

Trading Software

In a market flooded with different brokerage brands, the only way to succeed is by providing a unique trading experience. To do that, 500Investments had designed a proprietary platform, instead of relying on an existing solution. This approach comes with both pros and cons, but ultimately, we came to the conclusion that the platform is simple, fast, and integrates multiple useful tools.

With it, traders can benefit from Social Trading, TradingView charts, or place price alerts. Also, this is a multi-compatible trading solution, considering it’s web-based and any trader is able to access the platform from any device, starting from desktop, laptop, to smartphone and tablet.

This is a platform flexible enough to meet any trading style and adapt to all assets that are currently part of the offer. At the same time, it does not have an overly complex interface, making it ideal for traders that are still in their early stages.

500Investments Assets

One of the most important highlights of the asset coverage is represented by the 500Investments forex trading offer. At the time of writing, there are tens of different currency pairs (majors, minors, and exotics) available for trading with up to 1:400 leverage. The spreads floating and the maintenance margin is 0.125%.

On top of that, traders can benefit from a broad selection of global stocks, indices, commodities, and tens of different cryptocurrency instruments. In doing so, 500Investments is now a multi-asset broker, able to satisfy the needs of many different traders. During a period when markets are increasingly volatile, it would be imperative to have a diversified exposure, and thanks to the offer assembled by 500Investments, that’s now possible.


Account Types

The 500Investments does not end just with 1,000 different assets, but it also provides access to 5 different account types:

  • Basic
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

With the same goal of meeting the demands of a broad range of traders, 500Investments wants to make sure that access to the markets is ensured without major roadblocks. As a result, traders can open a basic account with as little as $250. In case they only want to test the services, they can trade on a demo account, to see how the platform can perform.

Among the most notable features associated with the 500Investments accounts, we should mention 24/6 support, free access to trading academy, daily market briefs, webinars/seminars, and support from a dedicated/senior account manager. Only the large account holders will benefit from features like exclusive updates, wealth management, and giveaways.


Taking part in traders’ education is one of the main goals at 500Investments, which is why all traders will benefit from access to a trading academy. They will be introduced to the basics of trading and learn how to get involved in the markets. Alongside this, it is important to note the Social Trading capabilities, and daily market briefs. The support of dedicated account managers could also play an important role along the way.


500Investments is a well-established FX and CFD broker, wanting to reach traders that aim to take advantage of the massive potential in the financial industry, without limitations. This is an international brand that had already proven to be one to be trusted. With its expertise in the trading field, 500Investments has the ability to stay updated with the latest market developments and provide its customers with the most useful trading benefits. In case you want to trade FX and diversify with other popular assets like stocks, indices, commodities, or crypto, you should take a look at what 500Investments currently has to offer.