Trustpac Review

April 7, 2021 at 10:45 am

Trustpac Highlights

Trustpac is an international online trading platform serving customers who reside outside the EU, and currently supports a wide variety of different CFD instruments based on cryptocurrencies, FX, stocks, commodities, indices, and futures contracts.

The company recognized the demand for personalized trading services that will help traders navigate the challenges of market fluctuations, and as a result has crafted a unique service offer that relies on proprietary trading software.

Trustpac logo

Trustpac is a great place for both beginner and expert traders. The broker provides a variety of educational resources such as one-on-one sessions with trading experts, an education center, trading guides, and does this via a state-of-the-art platform that is user friendly and easily accessible, providing market-leading spreads, as well as the latest economic and market news.

With Trustpac, traders can execute trades quickly, and a wide variety of funding options and currencies are supported. The broker has set up a team of customer service professionals that is available to provide support 24/6. In this comprehensive review of Trustpac and its services, we will examine the brokers offering to gain  insight into this online trading platform and figure out which type of trader can benefit the most from it.

Trading Software

Trustpac provides a totally unique trading experience thanks to its proprietary web-based software. This optimized solution is user-friendly and so it is perfect for both beginners and experts alike. This software utilizes all parts of the screen and allows traders to enjoy expanded viewing options. On the left, traders choose which assets they wish to see displayed, in the center, traders can see the charts on top and the orders section below, and on the right, the broker has added an update section containing all the latest news updates from the market.

Trustpac trading platform

Because this is a web-based platform, customers can use it from any browser on a desktop or laptop, and also on any smartphone or tablet running iOS or Android. As a web-based solution, it is scalable and responsive and works with all screen types, so traders can utilize it at their convenience and with no limitations.

Trustpac’s platform combines a practical approach alongside popular trading features, offering a solution for traders who wish to have their own personalized trading experience, but do not wish to sacrifice some of the better known tools of the trade like Charts, technical analysis tools and more. Regardless of your trading strategy, Trustpac’s offering will support it.

Trustpac Asset classes

Trustpac is a great platform for trading Forex, supporting many different currency pairs. Traders can choose to trade on leading pairs such as USDJPY, EURUSD, or GBPUSD, as well as minors or exotic (USDSGD, AUDJPY, or USDZAR) with leverage of up to 1:100, floating spreads, no commission, and a routine trading schedule from Monday to Friday.

However, even though FX trading is one of the main focuses of the Trustpac platform, that is not the only asset class supported by this broker, and other asset classes are supported as well. Traders can choose to diversify their portfolio with a wide selection of CFDs in cryptocurrencies, shares, stock market indices, futures, and commodities. As these are CFDs, traders can choose to go long or short with no limitations. One doesn’t have to have massive capital in order to get started in CFD trading with Trustpac, as the smallest order size is 1,000 units (micro lot).

Trustpac assets

Account Types

Trustpac wants to ensure all customers can gain access to competitive trading conditions. For this reason, and unlike its competitors, it only offers a standard account. Here are the main trading features of the account:

–          Mobile friendly 

–          Tight spreads

–          Access to an education resources

–          Latest economic and market news updates

–          Fast trade execution

–          Exclusive positions

–          24/6 support 

–          Exclusive reports

–          One-on-one sessions with trading experts.

With Trustpac, transferring funds over to an account can be done easily by using either a credit card, debit card or bank wire transfer. Included in the brokers service offering, is equal access to all customers to a range of features that include expert analysis on the leading stocks of the previous month. There are also bonus promotions occasionally carried out by the broker, which allow customers to upgrade the size of their account. The full information about these services and features can be viewed in the company website under the terms & conditions.


Trustpac does not fall behind other respectable trading brands, and also offers its clients educational resources aimed at helping them become better traders. Trustpac clients gain access to the latest market news and developments, an education center, economic calendar, and one-on-one sessions with trading experts. This is a wide array of professional services that is all part of Truspac’s service offering.  

Trustpac believes that dedicated beginner traders can learn how to become better traders with exposure to the proper knowledge that will help them develop better trading methods and techniques. For this reason, its educational resources stay up to date and continue to recieve good feedback.


Tustpac allows traders to trade in FX CFDs as well as other asset classes, promoting a safe and secure, state-of-the-art trading environment with many handy features and tools, and a customer-centric approach that make their service offering stand tall amongst its competitors in the industry. 

To conclude this review, Trustpac seems to be a top quality broker that provides a transparent, safe and secure online trading environment that a wide array of CFD traders will find hard to resist. 


Gloffix Review

April 7, 2021 at 8:11 am

Gloffix Highlights

Gloffix is an international online trading brand specialized in financial derivatives based on Forex, indices, commodities, bonds, and equity markets in Asia, Latin America, Middle East, Australia and Europe. With more than 10 years of experience in the fintech industry, this is a broker that looks very promising at first glance, which is why we would like to analyze it more carefully. 

Conditions in the financial markets are proper for working with a broker that manages to ensure diversified trading features. In the case of Gloffix, traders with different objectives can choose an account type that suits their needs, and get involved in the financial assets that are tailored towards their personality and trading style. 

The company offers complete freedom and transparency for its services. Anybody interested to open an account can search through their website for more details, but until then, our Gloffix Review will also be providing enough information for the early stage. 

Gloffix logo

Gloffix Trading Software

Feeling comfortable while trading is a key requirement, given all the challenges arising with this activity. As a result, Gloffix offers the Sirix Trading Platform, a solution currently being used to place an average of 1.5 million trades per month, globally. 

Among the most important Sirix benefits, traders need to consider:

  • One-click trading
  • Advanced charting
  • Trading on the go
  • Clear management tools
  • Social trading.

An emphasis needs to be put on the Social Trading benefit, given it’s something not seen too often. By offering this service, Gloffix wants to be helpful for those still struggling to find accurate trading opportunities. Although the signals offered don’t guarantee any profit, these are trading ideas of professional traders and are able to provide valuable insights into the markets. 

Gloffix Sirix WebTrader

Alongside Sirix, the MT4 is also not missing. Gloffix is aware of the diversified needs its customers have and covers one of the most popular trading solutions developed by MetaQuotes. It can be installed on any device to trade on the go or from the comfort of your place. 

Gloffix Assets

When talking about the Gloffix assets, several important benefits need to be highlighted. The diversity of CFDs currently part of the offer is an important achievement for the brand, as customers can get involved in many different markets. 

First, forex trading with Gloffix means access to 50+ currency pairs, tight spreads, up to 1:1000 leverage, 15+ funding methods, 18 superior trading tools, and 24/5 dedicated customer support. Although the FX market continues to be of great interest among retail traders, other classes are volatile as well at present. 

CFDs on stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies are part of the offer, ensuring ample diversification capabilities and benefits like low spreads, fast execution, strong liquidity, and competitive commissions. 

Gloffix FX trading benefits


Gloffix Account Types

In hand with a diversified asset coverage, Gloffix is offering 5 different account types (Classic, Silver, Gold, VIP, and Black), to make sure that the demands of its global audience are met successfully. Affordability is a keyword, given the classic account can be opened with a minimum initial deposit worth 250 USD/EUR. 

Traders with the smallest accounts are not ignored by the broker and receive daily market updates, low stop-out level, educational resources, and the ability to open Islamic accounts. As the account is upgraded, features like a dedicated account manager, premium educational support, and higher leverage kick in. 

Gloffix Education

Since the financial markets are in constant motion and traders need to have the same flexible approach, Gloffix supports them with educational content updated based on the latest requirements. Using e-books, video tutorials, and personal/senior trainers, they can get more insights and tackle the markets using methods and tools currently used by professionals. 

However, it is important to consider some are released gradually, with each account upgrade. VIP and Black account holders only, will get access to a personal or senior trainer. But, the Education section available at also includes free resources on topics like technical and fundamental analysis, FX general tips, and others. 


Given all the benefits we’ve highlighted today, Gloffix proves to be a very promising brokerage, ideal for international CFD traders. No concessions are made in terms of assets, platforms, educational resources, and customer support, showing that all this company wants is to serve them with professionalism. We need to mention again the great degree of personalization, created, in particular, by the Sirix platform, a relatively new solution, that continues to attract positive reviews all around the world.