InvestingCrypto Review

May 31, 2021 at 7:59 am

InvestingCrypto Highlights

InvestingCrypto is a leading brokerage offering the opportunity to get involved in the global financial markets via a broad range of assets, including cryptocurrencies. Ensuring its customers will manage to achieve their goals, is one of the top priorities, which is why the brand had worked on an infrastructure well-suited for the current market conditions. 

As we’re about to see today, there are many benefits and features associated with a trading account at, and the main focus will be on highlighting the most important ones. 

InvestingCrypto logo

InvestingCrypto Trading Software

A web-based solution that works as a bridge to leading exchange platforms, is the choice of InvestingCrypto, one that should be suited for trading a broad range of cryptocurrencies in a secure environment. Although the asset list is more diverse, the main focus is on crypto and thus the platform has been reinforced to meet the challenges of this still-developing market. 

The WebTrader is easy to use and incorporates useful trading tools, the result of the hard work done by a team with over 25 years of trading experience. The platform can be accessed on a browser, without any prior installation required. 

InvestingCrypto Assets

Wanting to help people discover the world of investing with CFDs, the InvestingCrypto asset coverage currently includes 80+ cryptocurrencies, popular FX pairs, some of the most popular stocks and indices, as well as commodities. 

trade crypto with InvestingCrypto

It is important to note the focus is on crypto, given this market had attracted both retail and institutional investors over the past year, leading to massive price action developments and high volatility. 

For crypto, there is a 24/7 trading schedule, while for the rest of the assets, the usual 24/5 schedule. Traders will be able to use flexible margin and take advantage of tight trading costs and accurate trade execution. 

InvestingCrypto Account Types

Thanks to an account offering with 5 different options, traders can choose what’s best for them based on capital available for trading or personal goals. Basic, Standard, Gold, Platinum, and VIP accounts come in hand with different features, including daily news, access to a Trading Academy, weekly market review, support from an account manager, or account monitoring by top analyst group. 

InvestingCrypto accounts

To fund a trading account with InvestingCrypto, traders can use a variety of methods, based on their country of residence and convenience. Fees might be applicable, especially when it comes to withdrawals. 


With a focus on crypto and yet a very diversified trading offer, InvestingCrypto turns out to be a very promising brokerage, one to be considered by a broad spectrum of retail traders. The company shows a customer-oriented approach and the end-user will ultimately benefit from better trading conditions. For more information, you can check the brand’s website. 

Arox Capital Review

May 10, 2021 at 9:08 am

Arox Capital Highlights

Arox Capital is an online trading provider established in 2018, offering access to a broad range of tradable products, including FX, indices, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. Among the most important highlights the broker mentions on its website, we need to emphasize top-tier liquidity, many different trading tools, ultra-fast trade execution, and a secured trading infrastructure. 

Financial markets continue to be volatile and this creates many short-term trading opportunities. With the services offered by Arox Capital, retail traders can take advantage of them using financial derivatives, alongside competitive trading costs and next-generation technology. 

Arox Capital logo

Since there is fierce competition among different trading brands, our Arox Capital Review will try to summarize some of the most important benefits and hopefully, it will serve as a useful guide for those looking for a new company to work with. 

Arox Capital Trading Software

The Arox Capital WebTrader is a platform designed for a broad audience of traders, coming to the market with different backgrounds. With its unique and easy-to-use interface, as well as plenty of other benefits, anyone can learn how to place trades or analyze charts, regardless of the device they use.

Accessing it is simple and easy, since there’s no need for any installation and also, there are no compatibility issues. The WebTrader can be used on desktop, laptop, mobile, and tablet devices via a browser, ensuring a great degree of flexibility and convenience. 

On top of the usual trading tools a customer would expect, in this case it is possible to take advantage of Social Trading. Not all traders want to learn how to make their own decisions and some choose to rely on those placed by professionals. Arox Capital offers this service to them from as little as $5 without any hidden costs or performance fees. However, traders need to consider profits are not guaranteed, even if the trading ideas come from experienced individuals. 

Arox Capital WebTrader platform

Arox Capital Assets

The diversity of trading products available is another aspect to consider, especially now that trading opportunities occur across different markets. The Arox Capital forex trading offer includes tens of currency pairs, ideal for global traders living all around the world. Using leverage and flexible costs, traders can get involved in currencies each time opportunity knocks. 

Although FX trading is one of our main focuses, we can’t ignore the fact that this brand has a multi-asset coverage, including stocks, indices, commodities, and a broad selection of cryptocurrencies, ensuring ample diversification capabilities for customers. 

Arox Capital Account Types

Differences can be spotted among the 7 Arox Capital accounts, but the good news is that all customers are able to benefit from online chat support, funds stored in segregated bank accounts, access to an online education center, and variable spreads starting at 0.1 pips. 

If we move forward to analyze the account offer, the options available are as follows:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Premium
  • VIP

Aware that some traders are not able to deposit a lot of funds, Arox Capital offers real trading services for as low as 200 euros, even though it recommends a Bronze account to start at 1,000 euros. Each customer is free to decide the optimal account size for them, based on personal finances and trading goals. 

Higher trading account holders benefit from enhanced features, including VOD (advanced or professional), risk-free trades, customized trading accounts, access to trading rooms, and support from trading specialists. 

Arox Capital trading benefits

Arox Capital Education

Education is another key preoccupation of Arox Capital, especially now that markets are challenging and traders need to allocate more time to discover the variables affecting valuations. All customers get access to the online education center, webinars, and seminars, but as we move to higher accounts, other premium benefits kick in. 

All the educational resources mentioned above are general by their nature and the premium ones are personalized, based on each customer’s needs. By accessing a trading room, or by using the benefits of a personal assistant or trading specialist, traders can learn how to spot trading opportunities and also how to improve their performance. All of these require a larger initial deposit. 


There hasn’t been any other period in history when the wider public had access to financial markets like today. Brands like Arox Capital are like bridges to the world of finance, where people can find their independence. This company proves to offer many different trading benefits, strong funds security, and last but not least, a customer-oriented approach. Traders wanting to learn more about it can check the official website.