Is the Right Broker For You?

January 20, 2022 at 10:19 am Logo

Traders new to the markets are often lured by the potential profit-making opportunities. However, this industry is also stained with scams by hackers who can successfully get away with millions of dollars in a short time. 

Also, following market expansion, many new brokers have entered the game, some of which falsely claim to offer better technologies and viable solutions to clients, thus exploiting aspiring beginner traders. Therefore, as a newbie to this industry, you have to be on the lookout for potential scams and deceitful promises. is an established broker that provides its traders with advanced trading platforms, dedicated customer support, multiple financial markets to trade, and diverse account types. Let’s dive into all of these features and evaluate if the assertions are factual in this review section today.

About the company allows trading multiple CFD assets like stocks, indices, currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, and commodities via its intuitive trading platforms. 

The brand has garnered a decent experience of over five years in the industry and aims to assist its clients by accessing liquidity and managing risks. In addition, the broker also offers hands-on experience, cutting-edge technology, and a never-ending network to all its clients.

Trading platform offers its unique web-based and mobile platforms for all customers to get an extensive trading experience throughout their journey.

Both these platforms feature more than 1000 assets, advanced charting instruments, data analysis tools, technical indicators, real-time market news, and personalized notifications so that you always stay updated regarding the global market events. 

In addition, the platforms also provide advanced trading reports and intelligent dashboards that help in your trading activities by offering critical insights. With these futuristic solutions, traders can effectively build and monitor their portfolios anytime and anywhere. 


The brand provides access to multiple assets like stocks, currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, indices, and commodities, along with competitive spreads.

Besides trading, customers can also study political, economic, and financial factors likely to affect the prices. Trading Assets

Account types

To garner a diverse range of clients with different experience levels, the brand offers five exclusive accounts: Classic, Silver, Gold, VIP, and Black. 

All account holders are provided with daily market updates and reviews, specific leverage, 20% stop-out level, Islamic account option, and e-books. 

However, only Gold, VIP, and Black account holders are offered dedicated account managers, video tutorials, and trade recommendations. 

In addition, VIP and Black accounts entitle traders to dedicated senior account managers and personal trainers for gaining proper trading guidance. 

Account Types


The broker offers a dedicated support team, and it’s easy to get in touch with them both via email and a phone call. Moreover, traders can also communicate with the support team via the live chat widget on the website.

There is also an option of filling out a form, available on the website, and requesting a call-back from a customer representative. Naturally, most traders prefer live support over a call back.. provides several knowledgeable resources like e-Books, video tutorials, daily market updates and reviews, dedicated account managers, and personal trainers in terms of educational support. 


Considering all of the features mentioned above, stands out to be a reliable and transparent broker that aims to provide a seamless experience to all its clients. The brand offers multiple instruments, trading platforms, account types, and dedicated support, thus maintaining its status as a trustworthy financial broker to both novice and experienced traders.

Dripcoin Review – Top features of this crypto trading platform

January 20, 2022 at 10:11 am


Designed for those who want to trade digital assets with confidence, Dripcoin is now a global name in this sector. Since users in various countries already hold accounts with this brand, taking a closer look at the top features is a must. 

Also, Dripcoin is ranked favorably by users, which is another reason why analyzing the ecosystem is suited. Ultimately, cryptocurrencies remain volatile, even now when sellers hold the upper hand, and new trade opportunities continue to arise, as valuations are retracing back to the means. 

Dripcoin and crypto trading

For those who don’t already know, Dripcoin is a dedicated crypto trading platform. This means you have access to a complex asset list, which includes not only Bitcoin, Ether, XRP, and Litecoin, but also some other altcoins like Tron, Stellar, Tezos, Monero, Chainlink, and Dash. With so many options available, you can switch from one crypto to another, and build a solid crypto portfolio. 

trading with Dripcoin

But, you should be also aware that Dripcoin does not specialize in trading other asset classes. This solution is perfect for traders who want an account solely for crypto. Thanks to asset diversity and continuous improvements, however, traders do not lack attractive assets to trade on. 

Trading software

Integrating fast and transparent execution, as well as cutting-edge powerful features, the Dripcoin WebTrader is your daily trading platform, one that can fit itself to a diverse array of needs. Traders can apply many types of trading strategies, as this solution integrates advanced charting powered by TradingView, which means access to a larger base of indicators. 

Also, thanks to its browser-based structure, you can log into the account and trade at any time and from anywhere, without installation, thus not missing any major market move. Dripcoin wants customers to be in full control over their accounts, while managing open trades or while conducting market analysis. 

Dripcoin account management

Things are simple when it comes to opening an account because there is only one standard solution available for all. At the same time, procedures have been optimized so you can quickly get past these formalities and start trading. 

Dripcoin account opening

You can fund the account with fiat using credit/debit cards, wire transfers, or e-wallets. Be aware that Dripcoin accepts payment via cryptocurrencies as well. Another aspect to keep in mind is the verification because the company does not make any concessions in that sense, requiring all customers to submit identification documents. 

This is just another step you need to take at the beginning and once completed, you can focus solely on the trading process. Dripcoin shares valuable information and guidelines on its website, letting users know what they need to do and how the services work. 

Dripcoin logo

Dripcoin final words

To conclude, Dripcoin is one of the most interesting crypto-oriented platforms worth considering by crypto traders today, benefiting from a lot of positive feedback. With this brand, security is a top priority, which is why your finances are safe at all times. Thanks to the transparency it promotes, you can easily learn everything about Dripcoin before opening the account. 


Royal-Bridge Review – Ready to join the fascinating world of crypto?

January 6, 2022 at 12:16 pm

About the company

The cryptocurrency industry witnessed consistent growth over the past year, even though overall volatility remains elevated compared to other assets. In these conditions, people who want to gain exposure probably view online crypto trading as the right approach, and as a result, brands like Royal-Bridge have emerged. 

Its features seem attractive and that’s why people should take a look at what Royal-Bridge has to offer. Cryptocurrency-based derivatives carry lower costs, thus being most affordable and suitable for those with limited capital. This review will analyze Royal-Bridge and determine whether it’s the right platform at the right time. 

Royal-Bridge crypto trading

Introducing Royal-Bridge WebTrader

Trading software comes to mind first when looking for a brand to work with. In this case, Royal-Bridge designed WebTrader, a powerful solution aiming to tackle all the challenges arising from crypto trading.

You can use advanced charting, price alerts, market news, and risk management tools to make better trading decisions, regardless of what token you want to trade. Thanks to its versatility and flexibility, the web-trading platform designed by Royal-Bridge can adapt to any type of device, since access to the markets is via a browser. 

Trade crypto at your own pace

Some traders still view tokens such as Bitcoin or Ether as the right ones to trade, due to their relatively stable prices. Others have a higher risk appetite and are comfortable trading altcoins like Binance Coin, Neo, Tron, Stellar, Solana, and others, as their valuations are more volatile. A third category is traders who want to find the right mix between established cryptos and emerging ones. 

Royal-Bridge offers a rich selection of crypto assets, aiming to satisfy any trader who wants to join its ranks. You are free to create a cryptocurrency portfolio suitable for you, and diversify among tokens that are active at any given moment. 

 join Royal-Bridge

Payment options

Once you open the trading account, the next step is to fund it. Royal-Bridge is among the few brands accepting fiat deposits via reliable payment solutions. You can deposit in multiple fiat currencies using credit/debit cards or wire transfers.


Another aspect you need to pay attention to is compliance issues. All registered traders need to pass the verification procedures. That can be done by submitting the identification documents highlighted by Royal-Bridge in its compliance policy. 

This is mandatory and traders are not eligible to request withdrawals until the account is fully verified. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since this is now the norm in the trading space. Every respected trading brand follows strict AML/KYC guidelines, for protection of client funds and data, and Royal-Bridge is no different here. 

Royal-Bridge logo


Now that 2021 is almost over, traders look towards 2022 with optimism. Crypto adoption might take another big step forward, with positive implications for valuations. At the same time, this market has had to face bearish swings in the past as well, which is why nobody should completely rule out this scenario either.

If you choose to work with Royal-Bridge, you can start buying or selling any of the instruments covered, with no strings attached, and gain flexibility according to market conditions.