Avex Market – gain access to modern trading technologies

February 28, 2022 at 11:16 am

Avex Market Review

Cryptocurrency valuations continue to post massive volatility, leaving many traders wondering whether they are missing out on an important opportunity. The reality is that with proper knowledge and tools, it is possible to benefit from such conditions, especially if you are working with a trusted provider.

Avex Market fits well into that category and that’s why it deserves a short analysis of its main trading features. Whether you are a pro or beginner, you should stick till the end of this review to find out more. This might be the brand you’ve been looking for, for a long time. 

The platform exposed

First, let’s talk about the Avex Market platform, because it comes with many advantages worth noting. Thanks to its proprietary software, the company keeps traders overall satisfied with crypto trading conditions. At the same time, it has plenty of tools tailored for this market.

the Avex Market platform

Short-term traders rely on technical analysis methods to spot opportunities. This WebTrader has advanced charting embedded in it, so the sky’s the limit in terms of how many strategies one can use. 

Another advantage is flexibility, considering the platform does not require any installation and can be used via a browser on any device. A market like crypto should be monitored closely and this solution creates proper conditions for that. 

Trading conditions

Moving ahead to the crypto trading conditions available, it seems that Avex Market has thought about everything. You get access to a comprehensive list of instruments, tight costs, fast execution, and strong financial security. 

Avex Market audience

The payment methods accepted for deposits/withdrawals reinforce this commitment to safety since Avex Market wants customers to be comfortable and to focus mainly on the trading process. 

Opening an account should not take more than a few seconds, given that the formalities have been optimized. There is only a standard account available for all users, meaning equal access to all trading benefits, regardless of whether you start with a small initial deposit or a large one.

Customer support

If you are just getting started with crypto trading and  you need assistance, fear not. The customer support team available at avexmarket.com can provide all of the necessary information. Each client is important for the brand, and as long as there is a willingness to learn and adapt, it’s possible for everyone to succeed in this field. 

The support staff can be helpful if you want to get more details about trading conditions, before holding a live account. Avex Market is aware that some users are more skeptical than others, and that’s why the brand has put a great emphasis on transparency. 

Avex Market brand logo


After parsing through the entire offer assembled by Avex Market, we’ve reached a conclusion that is positive about this brand. There are plenty of reasons to strongly consider opening an account with Avex Market if you are interested in cryptocurrency trading. 

This type of activity can help you achieve financial independence in the long run. However, be aware that it’s important to be willing to learn how the industry functions if you don’t already have the knowledge. Avex Market is a supporting brand that provides several resources on its blog. Since it is clear this brand cares about its customers, we have no problem recommending it to all traders

GlobalBase review – test modern trading technologies applied for crypto

February 17, 2022 at 12:42 pm

About the brand

With a focus on high standards and technological advancement, GlobalBase now manages to address all crypto traders. Digital assets today hold a great potential – and some even say greater than ever. Compared to other trading brands, who don’t always hold the same approach towards crypto, GlobalBase seems to be in a very favorable position.

logo of GlobalBase

In a nutshell, GlobalBase embodies excellence, something that is hard to find in the field of crypto. Widespread trust is yet to be established in these assets, which is why this company has put a great deal of effort into designing a tailor-made, transparent, and competitive trading ecosystem. Let’s see what the outstanding features it offers are, and the reasons why you should or shouldn’t consider GlobalBase as your trading partner. 

Is this a dynamic trading platform?

The GlobalBase platform integrates advanced technology, ensuring customers have access to efficient trading tools. Since most customers choose to remain loyal to this brand, it seems that this technology is certainly satisfactory. Our in-house tests also show that it can certainly be trusted as fast and secure.

GlobalBase trading technology

Striving to offer safety and user-friendliness, GlobalBase prides itself in allowing the ability to trade with confidence, using a dynamic platform. Cryptocurrency valuations can change significantly in the blink of an eye, which is why accuracy and speed are key in the process of online crypto trading.

On a PC, laptop, or even a mobile device, the platform can help you get in and out at the desired price, even when there is elevated volatility. Monitoring open trades is also important, since due to a high level of uncertainty, the market can potentially quickly turn the other way around, and you have to be ready for that. 

Trade crypto with confidence

Inspiring confidence in customers while they trade crypto is not an easy task. But it’s not impossible to achieve, as long as the broker is truly professional. With GlobalBase you can take advantage of fast order execution, a variety of crypto assets, superior technology, and an intuitive interface. 

GlobalBase thus creates a solution suited for anyone who wants to explore this market, be they beginners or pros.. This brand seems to always be by your side, with its team of personal account managers, expert brokers and support representatives.

trade with confidence at GlobalBase

Account funding and security

To start trading you must open an account first, and the most convenient choice for account funding is a credit/debit card. This way, the fiat funds are visible in your account within seconds. Feel free to choose a bank wire transfer if you prefer, but keep in mind that it might take a bit longer for the money to be visible. For withdrawals, the company has a comprehensive policy. You can read the exact guidelines on how these operations are being conducted on the brand’s website. 

Bottom line

There is never a right moment to get involved in crypto. The industry still has room to mature but in the process, plenty of trading opportunities emerge, which you can take advantage of. If GlobalBase has managed to inspire trust in you, the next natural step would be to open an account. The initial deposit requirements are modest, so you can start small and see how it is to trade live with this provider. 

CoinsMarkets review – explore the market potential of cryptocurrencies

February 7, 2022 at 11:09 am

Trading cryptocurrencies does not have to be difficult and with the right resources and knowledge, anyone can get on board this fascinating market. We’ve recently stumbled upon an interesting new brand called CoinsMarkets, which we had to check out for you. 

At first glance, the user-friendly trading platform only uses easy to understand tools and techniques. The web-based trading interface is straightforward, offers robust security, and is loved by crypto enthusiasts around the world. 

Alt text: Coins Markets logo


A fast way to money: digital assets 


Digital assets are essentially a soft form of currency that can be traded online and also used to purchase products and services. Today, more and more restaurants, shops, hotels, and financial institutions accept digital assets as a form of payment. While cryptocurrency can be used for such purchases, traders can also explore the potential of the crypto market, with the right brokerage brand at their back. 


Choose the right broker for you


Before you get started trading online, you will want to choose a reputed online trading platform that makes it easy to get started, protects your digital assets and has a strong customer service team to support you. That is where CoinsMarkets comes in. The industry-leading software offers very satisfactory performance and enhanced security for a stress-free market experience. According to online reviews, what many traders like about CoinsMarkets is how easy it is to use the platform, for even the most novice trader. Analytical charts, graphs and the crypto calculator are great for making smart and well-informed trading decisions. 


CoinsMarkets’ digital trading platform


Manage your assets from anywhere


CoinsMarkets’ trading platform is web-based so you can easily access it from any device with a browser and internet connection with a simple log-in. That makes managing your assets on the go – whether you are at work, running errands or on vacation – quite simple. It also simplifies processes like making a deposit, withdrawing funds, etc. All you have to do is log into the online portal. 


Customer support standard


There is no doubt that you will likely have questions or need support during your trading journey. Nothing is worse than having no one to turn to. CoinsMarkets’ 24/7 customer support means that you do not have to worry about waiting for customer service to open to get your questions answered. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with CoinMarkets for any issue, since their team seems to be very professional and prompt. This is important in the crypto market, given how fast-paced moving it is and the effect that can have on your assets.  


24/7 customer service support  


Keep your assets safe


You may have read about cyberattacks and are worried about the market because of that. That is why choosing a broker with the highest level of security measures should be one of your biggest concerns. That way you can focus on your assets rather than worry about having your assets compromised. According to the website, CoinsMarkets taps into the latest technology to ensure top-of-the-line security measures for your assets and data – which is good to know


Bottom line


After considering all of the pros and cons of working with CoinsMarkets, we can whole-heartedly say that this is a brand that can be trusted. From the user-friendly platform to the high-standard customer service, everything seems to fall into place here. That is why we recommend you check out their offer on their website. www.coinsmarkets.io.

Maxwise review – an optimal solution when markets are tumbling?

February 3, 2022 at 10:22 am

About Maxwise

The beginning of 2022 is, sadly, a time that most crypto enthusiasts would rather forget. The global market capitalization dropped by almost 50% in less than two months and that is not good news for those with an upside exposure. 

Still, volatility remains elevated, and given that prices post large daily ranges, one should ask how it is possible to take advantage of such conditions. The answer comes from Maxwise, a dedicated crypto trading platform. 

As more and more people show interest in Maxwise, let’s analyze what this brand is capable of offering. Since its focus remains solely on digital assets, expectations are very high. 

join Maxwise today

Why trade crypto with Maxwise?

  • A variety of crypto possibilities – one of the first reasons to consider opening an account with Maxwise is the variety of cryptocurrency derivatives that are part of the offer. This unlocks a full range of opportunities, letting you take advantage of price movements across the board. 


  • Maxwise’s easy-to-use interface – anyone can open an account and get started with Maxwise, mainly since the company designed a customized and simple platform, making sure it can be used with ease even by those with no trading background. 


Maxwise user interface


  • Account security – another important factor that not so many people pay attention to is financial safety. Trading with Maxwise carries the unique advantage of not having direct exposure to underlying assets. At the same time, Maxwise uses advanced trading technologies and many security features to make sure customers are always protected. 


  • Dedicated support – to ensure proper technical support and trading guidance, Maxwise has a dedicated team of representatives working around the clock to answer all questions raised by registered customers. 


Maxwise logo image

Legal aspects

Like any other respected trading brand, Maxwise does not neglect any legal aspect. This means customers are required to comply with stringent AML/KYC requirements, for the sake of fund safety. Standard verification procedures are thus mandatory. It shouldn’t take long to get all of that done, especially since the brand offers extensive guidance on its website. 

On top of compliance, Maxwise customers should know that the company has several other transparent policies, which make its services very competitive. Order execution, privacy, fund safety, security, and withdrawals are just some of the topics you can find details about when visiting the brand’s website. 


After adding up all the pros and cons associated with Maxwise, the overall picture looks promising for traders who want to get involved in the cryptocurrency market, Thanks to a generous list of features, carefully chosen to meet the demands of crypto traders, you can trade at your own pace across a broad range of tokens. 

Adding to that, Maxwise operates transparently and ensures strong protection for its customers, using advanced technologies and a series of common-sense policies. The company also aims to educate its audience via materials posted on its blog.