Universy Invest – Is it worth opening a trading account with them?

May 11, 2023 at 12:48 am


Universy Invest offers a comfortable environment for traders to enjoy financial markets from any place in the world. This is a multi-asset provider with hundreds of instruments currently part of the list. We’ve noticed that the broker focuses on optimized trading tools, fast execution, a variety of deposit options and live market information. 

Universy Invest logo

Considering the current framework in the markets, these benefits are essential for a healthy trading routine. It also means that Universy Invest is a brand that you should know more about, hence our review today plans to bring more information to the public. 


The goal of the company is to offer fast, easy and secure trading. By covering a broad range of CFDs, this can be achieved. Working with Universy Invest means access to some of the most trending markets out there, including:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Forex pairs
  • Commodities
  • Indices
  • Shares
  • Precious metals
Universy Invest instruments

Spreads and overnight swaps are the trading costs charged by the company, so you don’t need to worry about commissions, regardless of what account type you choose. Execution is STP for all customers, meaning you enter and exit the market at any point throughout the day, at the desired price. 


MetaTrader 4 has long been considered a popular solution for FX trading. However, over the years it morphed into a crypto platform as well, and now you can trade any asset with it. With Universy Invest, you get access to 60+ crypto pairs, and that’s why you need a really good platform to back you up.

Universy Invest and MetaTrader 4

Beginners especially are positively reacting to MT4 because the user interface is simple and when they need resources on how to manage the platform, there’s plenty of info on the internet. Experienced traders appreciate the tens of indicators built into the solution, as well as the advanced charting. You have 4 different order types at your disposal, which equals greater flexibility when market conditions are changing. 


There is a diversity of options in terms of account types (Beginners, Medium, Retirement and VIP), which shows that Universy Invest cares about all its clients. If you want affordability, the Beginners account qualifies with its low deposit requirement. 

On the flip side, traders looking for tighter trading costs and higher leverage should look at one of the other larger accounts. Either way, customized guidance is ensured via a personal account manager to all account type holders. To deposit fiat, traders can use a simple credit card payment or make a bank wire. 

Signing up requires only a few simple steps (providing personal details, passing the verification process) and once you’re done, it is possible to download the platform and log in to trade. 


Universy Invest comes to the market with a trading offer that seems very appealing. There are plenty of assets to trade and a reliable platform to use on any type of device. Trading conditions look way above average, thanks to the competitive costs, personal guidance and flexible margin requirements.