Notice how EURUSD reached both profit targets just as expected

Cancelled both trades before going to sleep but both pairs performed as expected. EURUSD price dropped to 1.3525 reaching both profit targets before bouncing back up. As I said before, there is no reason to get upset for missing an opportunity. Profitable trades in Forex happen every day. One has to be patient and persistent. 

Dec. 1

EURUSD Sell 1.3574 SL 1.3616 P1= 1.3554 P2= 1.3534 USDJPY Buy 102.64 SL 102.28 P1= 102.84 P2= 102.94

Making money in Forex is simple.

Yes, making money in forex is simple but not easy. All that one needs for success is to win more than half of trades while keeping the average loss smaller than the average win.