Wd., Feb. 5 end of day results: +140 pips

For some reason my yesterday’s update did not appear in the blog. This trade on news results were as follows:

EURUSD: +20 pips, the remaining orders closed at break even.
GBPUSD: +0 pips on the way down (placed all stops at break even once the second drop started) and +90 pips on the way up. Total: +90 pips
USDCAD: the price dipped down first and then moved upward triggering stop loss orders for a loss of -60 pips. Simultaneously were triggered buy orders for 3 units. The first unit was closed at +20 pips profit, the second unit was closed at +40 pips profit and the stop loss for the third unit was filled at +30 pips profit. Thus the total profit was + 90 pips. After deducting the lost 60 pips, the total for this trade is +30 pips.
Day total: 20+90+30 = +140 pips

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