Can you learn Forex for free?

When people think of learning expenses, they tend to think of costs of books, courses and such. But there is also a not so obvious cost of learning Forex which far exceeds anything else and which is overlooked by most people. That is the money that everyone loses when starting to trade.

The money that every newbie loses in Forex is the greatest expense of the learning process.

This expense far exceeds anything else you might pay to learn Forex. And yet nobody seems to care about it. People try to save money on education and as the result they waste incomparably more by making common mistakes in trading.

Take the time to educate yourself before you commit any money to trading.

I am not saying that one must necessarily pay for his/her education. There is plenty of free information on the Internet. The problem with that information though that it’s not systematized and in many cases irrelevant.
Always beware of whose advice you take. Does that person really knows what he/she is talking about? Are there any proofs that that person is profitable in trading Forex? 

Do not trust anyone’s advice until you see their real life trading achievements.

Just wanted to share this very true illustration of what success really looks like as seen on

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