Tu., Apr. 15 Forex Signals and results: + 82 pips

The AUDUSD has slipped on the news and we entered a short position. Both profit targets were reached. The third unit was stopped out at 0.9361. Thus the total profit on this trade is 20+33+8= +61 pips.

The USDCAD trade went up at first but than it stumbled, so we got out with a small profit of 7 pips per unit for a total profit of +21 pips.

The total profit today was +82 pips

AUDUSD trade:
AUDUSD trade Apr15

USDCAD trade:

USDCAD trade Apr15

See the actual signal below:

Forex Signals Apr15

The updates were as follows:

Apr15 update

Apr15 update-1

Apr15 update-2