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Trustpac Review

April 7, 2021 at 10:45 am

Trustpac Highlights

Trustpac is an international online trading platform serving customers who reside outside the EU, and currently supports a wide variety of different CFD instruments based on cryptocurrencies, FX, stocks, commodities, indices, and futures contracts.

The company recognized the demand for personalized trading services that will help traders navigate the challenges of market fluctuations, and as a result has crafted a unique service offer that relies on proprietary trading software.

Trustpac logo

Trustpac is a great place for both beginner and expert traders. The broker provides a variety of educational resources such as one-on-one sessions with trading experts, an education center, trading guides, and does this via a state-of-the-art platform that is user friendly and easily accessible, providing market-leading spreads, as well as the latest economic and market news.

With Trustpac, traders can execute trades quickly, and a wide variety of funding options and currencies are supported. The broker has set up a team of customer service professionals that is available to provide support 24/6. In this comprehensive review of Trustpac and its services, we will examine the brokers offering to gain  insight into this online trading platform and figure out which type of trader can benefit the most from it.

Trading Software

Trustpac provides a totally unique trading experience thanks to its proprietary web-based software. This optimized solution is user-friendly and so it is perfect for both beginners and experts alike. This software utilizes all parts of the screen and allows traders to enjoy expanded viewing options. On the left, traders choose which assets they wish to see displayed, in the center, traders can see the charts on top and the orders section below, and on the right, the broker has added an update section containing all the latest news updates from the market.

Trustpac trading platform

Because this is a web-based platform, customers can use it from any browser on a desktop or laptop, and also on any smartphone or tablet running iOS or Android. As a web-based solution, it is scalable and responsive and works with all screen types, so traders can utilize it at their convenience and with no limitations.

Trustpac’s platform combines a practical approach alongside popular trading features, offering a solution for traders who wish to have their own personalized trading experience, but do not wish to sacrifice some of the better known tools of the trade like Charts, technical analysis tools and more. Regardless of your trading strategy, Trustpac’s offering will support it.

Trustpac Asset classes

Trustpac is a great platform for trading Forex, supporting many different currency pairs. Traders can choose to trade on leading pairs such as USDJPY, EURUSD, or GBPUSD, as well as minors or exotic (USDSGD, AUDJPY, or USDZAR) with leverage of up to 1:100, floating spreads, no commission, and a routine trading schedule from Monday to Friday.

However, even though FX trading is one of the main focuses of the Trustpac platform, that is not the only asset class supported by this broker, and other asset classes are supported as well. Traders can choose to diversify their portfolio with a wide selection of CFDs in cryptocurrencies, shares, stock market indices, futures, and commodities. As these are CFDs, traders can choose to go long or short with no limitations. One doesn’t have to have massive capital in order to get started in CFD trading with Trustpac, as the smallest order size is 1,000 units (micro lot).

Trustpac assets

Account Types

Trustpac wants to ensure all customers can gain access to competitive trading conditions. For this reason, and unlike its competitors, it only offers a standard account. Here are the main trading features of the account:

–          Mobile friendly 

–          Tight spreads

–          Access to an education resources

–          Latest economic and market news updates

–          Fast trade execution

–          Exclusive positions

–          24/6 support 

–          Exclusive reports

–          One-on-one sessions with trading experts.

With Trustpac, transferring funds over to an account can be done easily by using either a credit card, debit card or bank wire transfer. Included in the brokers service offering, is equal access to all customers to a range of features that include expert analysis on the leading stocks of the previous month. There are also bonus promotions occasionally carried out by the broker, which allow customers to upgrade the size of their account. The full information about these services and features can be viewed in the company website under the terms & conditions.


Trustpac does not fall behind other respectable trading brands, and also offers its clients educational resources aimed at helping them become better traders. Trustpac clients gain access to the latest market news and developments, an education center, economic calendar, and one-on-one sessions with trading experts. This is a wide array of professional services that is all part of Truspac’s service offering.  

Trustpac believes that dedicated beginner traders can learn how to become better traders with exposure to the proper knowledge that will help them develop better trading methods and techniques. For this reason, its educational resources stay up to date and continue to recieve good feedback.


Tustpac allows traders to trade in FX CFDs as well as other asset classes, promoting a safe and secure, state-of-the-art trading environment with many handy features and tools, and a customer-centric approach that make their service offering stand tall amongst its competitors in the industry. 

To conclude this review, Trustpac seems to be a top quality broker that provides a transparent, safe and secure online trading environment that a wide array of CFD traders will find hard to resist. 


Gloffix Review

April 7, 2021 at 8:11 am

Gloffix Highlights

Gloffix is an international online trading brand specialized in financial derivatives based on Forex, indices, commodities, bonds, and equity markets in Asia, Latin America, Middle East, Australia and Europe. With more than 10 years of experience in the fintech industry, this is a broker that looks very promising at first glance, which is why we would like to analyze it more carefully. 

Conditions in the financial markets are proper for working with a broker that manages to ensure diversified trading features. In the case of Gloffix, traders with different objectives can choose an account type that suits their needs, and get involved in the financial assets that are tailored towards their personality and trading style. 

The company offers complete freedom and transparency for its services. Anybody interested to open an account can search through their website for more details, but until then, our Gloffix Review will also be providing enough information for the early stage. 

Gloffix logo

Gloffix Trading Software

Feeling comfortable while trading is a key requirement, given all the challenges arising with this activity. As a result, Gloffix offers the Sirix Trading Platform, a solution currently being used to place an average of 1.5 million trades per month, globally. 

Among the most important Sirix benefits, traders need to consider:

  • One-click trading
  • Advanced charting
  • Trading on the go
  • Clear management tools
  • Social trading.

An emphasis needs to be put on the Social Trading benefit, given it’s something not seen too often. By offering this service, Gloffix wants to be helpful for those still struggling to find accurate trading opportunities. Although the signals offered don’t guarantee any profit, these are trading ideas of professional traders and are able to provide valuable insights into the markets. 

Gloffix Sirix WebTrader

Alongside Sirix, the MT4 is also not missing. Gloffix is aware of the diversified needs its customers have and covers one of the most popular trading solutions developed by MetaQuotes. It can be installed on any device to trade on the go or from the comfort of your place. 

Gloffix Assets

When talking about the Gloffix assets, several important benefits need to be highlighted. The diversity of CFDs currently part of the offer is an important achievement for the brand, as customers can get involved in many different markets. 

First, forex trading with Gloffix means access to 50+ currency pairs, tight spreads, up to 1:1000 leverage, 15+ funding methods, 18 superior trading tools, and 24/5 dedicated customer support. Although the FX market continues to be of great interest among retail traders, other classes are volatile as well at present. 

CFDs on stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies are part of the offer, ensuring ample diversification capabilities and benefits like low spreads, fast execution, strong liquidity, and competitive commissions. 

Gloffix FX trading benefits


Gloffix Account Types

In hand with a diversified asset coverage, Gloffix is offering 5 different account types (Classic, Silver, Gold, VIP, and Black), to make sure that the demands of its global audience are met successfully. Affordability is a keyword, given the classic account can be opened with a minimum initial deposit worth 250 USD/EUR. 

Traders with the smallest accounts are not ignored by the broker and receive daily market updates, low stop-out level, educational resources, and the ability to open Islamic accounts. As the account is upgraded, features like a dedicated account manager, premium educational support, and higher leverage kick in. 

Gloffix Education

Since the financial markets are in constant motion and traders need to have the same flexible approach, Gloffix supports them with educational content updated based on the latest requirements. Using e-books, video tutorials, and personal/senior trainers, they can get more insights and tackle the markets using methods and tools currently used by professionals. 

However, it is important to consider some are released gradually, with each account upgrade. VIP and Black account holders only, will get access to a personal or senior trainer. But, the Education section available at gloffix.com also includes free resources on topics like technical and fundamental analysis, FX general tips, and others. 


Given all the benefits we’ve highlighted today, Gloffix proves to be a very promising brokerage, ideal for international CFD traders. No concessions are made in terms of assets, platforms, educational resources, and customer support, showing that all this company wants is to serve them with professionalism. We need to mention again the great degree of personalization, created, in particular, by the Sirix platform, a relatively new solution, that continues to attract positive reviews all around the world. 



Axia Investments Review

March 15, 2021 at 5:47 am

Axia Investments Highlights

Axia Investments is an online trading brand believing that proper trading can be done using the best trading technologies, sophisticated trading tools, and helpful customer support, especially for those that are new to the financial markets. Via an offer that includes hundreds of CFD instruments, the broker serves customers in various areas, mainly focused on GCC countries.

It is important to highlight that Axia Investments is a reputable and regulated broker, authorized by the Financial Services Authority of Seychelles. Traders working with this company will benefit from a wide range of security features, including the storage of funds in segregated accounts.

Considering there are plenty of trading benefits associated with opening an account, we would like to share our Axia Investments Review, offering accurate and reliable data to any professional or beginner looking after a trusted trading partner.

Axia Investments logo

Trading Software

The importance of trading platforms is undisputed, especially now when asset valuations are more volatile intra-day. Also, since CFD trading is mostly chosen by short-term traders, accurate and fast execution, combined with a generous trading toolbox are required. When trading with Axia Investments, people can take advantage of three different platforms:

  • AxiaTrader Web
  • AxiaTrader Mobile
  • MetaTrader 5

To leave its mark on the traders’ overall experience, the broker had developed two platforms, a web-based and a mobile-compatible version, aiming to show that it is possible to enjoy a personalized trading experience, while also using the same popular trading tools seen with other software.

On top of that, the inclusion of MetaTrader 5 just recently adds more diversity to the offer and brings forward a platform that continues to be used by many retail traders around the world. The combination of proprietary software combined with the ultimate software developed by MetaQuotes puts traders working with Axia Investments in a very favorable position.

Axia Investments Assets

With an asset coverage aimed at redefining CFD investment possibilities, Axia Investments is a place where more than 400 different assets can be traded. Tens of currency pairs, with up to 1:400 leverage and tight spreads, await, including majors, minors, and exotics.

Axia Investments assets

The shares CFDs coverage is the bulk of the offer, allowing customers to take advantage of a carefully picked selection of stocks in popular markets like the USA and Western European countries. Closely linked to stocks CFDs, there is also access to indices CFDs, more liquid and heavily traded instruments at the time of writing.

It is possible to diversify with CFDs on commodities like gold, silver, crude oil, natural gas, or copper, now that higher inflation expectations are making these assets to be more volatile and more poised to rise in valuation.

Account Types

If we take a close look at the account types available with this broker, the conclusion is that there are enough options available, even for those that can’t afford to make a large deposit. Axia Investments is proving to be an inclusive brokerage house since it is possible to open a Bronze account with as little as $250.

Traders wanting more benefits in exchange for a larger deposit can choose between Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond accounts, as well. Axia Investments accepts payments via credit/debit card, bank transfer, Discover, and American Express, all trusted and popular solutions, ensuring strong financial security.

Axia Investments trading benefits

Variable spreads, up to 1:400 leverage, daily market analysis, support from account managers, welcome bonus, and trading signals, are just some of the benefits associated with the Axia Investments accounts.


Axia Investments offers educational resources for registered clients on its website, that can provide market insights and guidelines. Daily market analysis is available for all clients, regardless of the account type. Professional assistance is granted by account managers or even senior account managers for large account holders.

Trading tools and signals are other resources that can be used when looking after trading opportunities. The overall picture is that there is still room for improvement, but at the same time, traders can use various resources to learn more about the markets.


After putting in the balance all the relevant Axia Investments benefits, our conclusion is that traders can use this broker and take advantage of professional trading platforms, a wide asset selection, secure payments, and customer-oriented support. Also, the company is constantly upgrading its offer, which means plenty of new surprises might be awaiting on the horizon. All the pieces of evidence are suggesting choosing Axia Investmeans means working with a regulated and authorized brand. We can recommend this provider to anybody interested to experience the best of financial markets with CFDs. 


Digital Currency Market Review

March 3, 2021 at 10:59 am

Digital Currency Markets Highlights

Digital Currency Market is a leading provider of online trading services, operating in the market since September 1994. Back then, the company was a hedge fund oriented exclusively on serving corporate clients. However, after reaching a 165 billion USD turnover in 2016, it had expanded towards the retail trading industry, due to heavy demand.

Trading with Digital Currency Market means access to a wide range of trading products, including currency pairs, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies, as the broker is heavily focused on serving well customers across 160 different countries around the world. 

Even though the services covered also include savings accounts, crypto portfolios, and recovery programs, our Digital Currency Market Review will try to highlight some of the most important benefits when trading CFDs. As we’re about to see, there are plenty of reasons to take a look at this broker, especially when it comes to those looking after competitive trading conditions. 

Digital Currency Market logo

Trading Software

Highly-sophisticated and an award-winning trading platform, MetaTrader 4 is part of the Digital Currency Market offer. Although it was launched in 2005, this solution benefits from consistent new improvements, offering advanced features needed at a time of increased financial market volatility. With this broker, MT4 is available in several different versions, including for Mac or Linux OS. Once they open an account, traders can download the right choice from the website. 

Digital Currency Market MT4

Secondly, Digital Currency Market had developed a WebTrader, a solution promising ease of use and at the same time, complex tools to help traders when looking after new trading opportunities. The main features of this platform are as follows:

  • Market analysis
  • Portfolio
  • Trader’s account
  • Explore section
  • Multi-compatible, including a web-based version, iOS, Android, and Desktop. 
  • Advanced charting techniques. 

With regards to the mobile trading capabilities, traders can choose whether they want to use MT4 or the platform developed by Digital Currency Market. The diversified platform options is not the only benefit when trading with this broker, as it offers plenty of assets, as well. 

Digital Currency Market Assets

Full access to over 200 trading instruments is granted by the company, allowing greater diversification capabilities, now that there is increased price activity across all popular markets. The Digital Currency Market asset list includes CFDs on Forex, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. 

Traders can use flexible leverage, benefit from tight trading costs, and take advantage of different features, based on the account type chosen. Digital Currency Market is constantly focused on improving trade execution and accurate pricing, given the challenging market conditions. 

Account Types

We move forward to the dcmarket.io account types, noticing there are 7 main trading account options to choose from:

  • Basic
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Black.

To start with a Basic account, a minimum deposit of $250 will be required. Even for the smallest account, Digital Currency Market offers a broad range of features, including trading and educational sessions with senior analysts, access to all trading platforms, and several other resources available on the website. 

Enhanced trading features like VIP signals, free withdrawals, higher leverage, lower spreads, and financial advisory services will be gradually unlocked as the account balance is larger. Account funding options include credit/debit card and wire transfer, proving the company relies only on trusted payment systems. 


Resources like market analysis, financial calculators, social trading, or autochartist are provided by Digital Currency Market since the company wants to have a meaningful contribution in educating traders. Financial markets are in constant motion and their fast-changing nature is requiring traders to keep up the pace.

Digital Currency Market trading tools

This broker offers updated educational resources for both beginners and experienced traders. The most important benefit is that all customers, regardless of the account type chosen, can take advantage of educational sessions with senior analysts. Starting with the Bronze account, there’s also access to VIP signals. 


Digital Currency Market is proving to be a trusted brand, not just because it had been operating in the industry for a long period, but also due to its consistent professionalism. Traders working with this company can take advantage of various benefits and get involved in various financial assets with competitive features. They can trade on FX, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies, building a portfolio or day-trade on a short list of assets, according to their trading strategy and goals. We can recommend this broker to anybody interested to trade online with an international brand. 


Eiro-group Review

February 3, 2021 at 11:57 am

Eiro-group Highlights

Eiro-group is a leading trading platform, specializing in providing access to a multitude of tradable assets. Its current coverage includes a wide range of instruments that customers can use, in order to profit from both rising and falling markets – whether forex, indices, commodities, or stocks from Europe, Canada, USA, or Australia. ETFs, and bonds are also part of the company’s offer. 

Because its main goal is to help investors achieve financial freedom, Eiro-group has managed to develop a long-term, high-yielding investment program, suited for both beginner and advanced traders from all around the world. 

For Eiro-group, transparency, customer privacy, and financial proficiency are important values, and thus the brand has put into place multiple policies regulating its activity. As long as trading in the financial markets is attractive – thanks to high volatility – a provider like Eiro-group needs to be analyzed in-depth. That’s what we want to do today, hoping to help all of those looking for a trusted online brand. 

Eiro-group logo

Trading Software

Trading with confidence is important during these challenging times and Eiro-group relies on software that’s secure and easy to use. This is a proprietary solution, aimed at offering a unique trading experience for any aspiring retail trader. 

Some of the most important benefits worth mentioning are a live TV mechanism, suited to watch some of the latest market news. For customers preferring to read, there is also a news section where price-moving headlines are constantly updated. 

Traders can place price alerts, create favorites lists, make deposits, or see the gainers & losers for the day, all through the platform. If they need to talk to an Eiro-group representative, the integrated chat feature is the most convenient method. 

Via the settings menu, you can always access your profile and history, request a withdrawal, and change your language preferences. The list of integrated technical indicators includes ATR, Bollinger Bands, EMAs, CCI, Stochastic, RSI, and plenty of other popular tools used by traders day in and day out. 

To ensure a greater degree of flexibility, the Eiro-group platform is web-based and thus can be accessed via any type of device, including smartphones or tablets. Managing trades from your desk or on the go is no longer an issue, thanks to how the platform can be operated. 

Eiro-group platform

Eiro-group Assets

When choosing to work with Eiro-group, traders gain access to a wide array of trading instruments. They have the unique opportunity to get involved in tens of currency pairs, global indices, ETFs, bonds, and stocks, from the USA, Australia, Canada, and Europe. 

With such a diversified list, Eiro-group clearly strives to be a place where various traders can gather and find the right instruments that suit their geographical locations, trading schedules, and strategies. All these assets can be traded on margin and with variable spreads, depending on market volatility and the account type chosen. 

Account Types

As part of its plan to ensure ample diversity, the Eiro-group trading account offer includes 6 different options, one to suit the needs of any trader out there, wishing to trade the market with personalized conditions. Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Millioner Club accounts are now available, each offering a pack of features. 

Among the most notable benefits, it is important to note trading alerts, a loyalty bonus of up to 100%, daily market reviews, and support from an account manager. These benefits increase as the account grows, with Millioner Club being the largest.

To fund an account, traders can use a credit/debit card and the amount is transferred to their trading account within seconds. Wire transfers are also accepted by Eiro-group, although in this case, it can take longer until funds are visible. 

Eiro-group account opening process


Eiro-group believes education is one of the keys to unlocking one’s full trading potential and is offering multiple resources, available for free on its website. On top of that, traders can also benefit from other educational tools once they open and fund a live account. These resources are distributed in proportion to the deposit made. 


The trading services offered by Eiro-group are in line with requirements relevant to 2021 and traders from all around the world can take advantage of them by simply opening an account. This trading platform believes in empowering traders via a solid pack of trading features and professional customer support. Eiro-group is a reliable brand, constantly upgrading its offer based on market changes and customers’ demands. 


EFT Markets Review

January 27, 2021 at 11:35 am

EFT Markets Highlights

EFT Markets is a reputable financial services provider, built on the foundation of mutual trust between itself and its customers, operating a guaranteed no-hidden-fees policy and aiming to deliver cutting-edge trading technologies for traders who want to get involved in the fast-moving global financial markets. 

With EFT Markets you can trade on 1,000+ assets, including forex, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies, which makes it very important to take a closer look at this brand and assess if it’s a good choice for you. Our EFT Markets review will only analyze some of the most notable features, which is why we advise you to check the broker’s website for additional details. 

EFT Markets logo

Trading Software

In order to let traders discover the concept of smart investing, EFT Markets has designed a brand-new platform, one that could fit better in the current global financial picture. With a combination of simplicity and advanced trading tools, this platform is the main gateway to the world’s most volatile markets. 

Its dashboard integrates some of the latest trading tools, including one-click execution, price alerts, trading signals, market news, and an economic calendar, in addition to the live charts and real-time data feeds, which have become a standard. The EFT Markets WebTrader is flexible enough to operate on any type of device, including smartphones and tablets.

Simply go to eftmarkets.com, click ‘login’, enter the credentials, and you’ll have access to your account from any location. The broker has made no compromises when it comes to security and has integrateed multiple protocols to make sure that personal data and funds are kept away from 3rd parties. Having said that, it is your responsibility as the user to set up a strong password. 

EFT Markets Assets

Customers usually have different priorities in terms of desired assets and because of that, EFT Markets has assembled a comprehensive list of instruments, currently covering forex, shares, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. To show that it is an ECN broker worthy of your trust, it offers access to up to 1:400 leverage, tight trading costs, and ultra-fast trading execution. 


online trading with EFT Markets

Forex traders will be pleased to know there are tens of currency pairs covered, enough to find the right tools for each one and to take advantage of the largest financial market in the world, with over $5 trillion in daily volume. For those fancying stocks and indices, EFT Markets is happy to announce that a large portion of its asset coverage is dedicated to these types of assets. 

Commodities and 50 cryptocurrencies are also covered, making asset diversity a standard. All it takes is to set up a ‘favorites’ list, by including all the assets you want to focus on. 

Account Types

Do you, as a trader, like to test the live trading services of a broker before making a large deposit? The standard account is the right fit for you, especially since it offers access to up to 1:200 leverage, daily news, a trading academy, a weekly market review, an account manager, and a weekly portfolio progress report with a low, initial investment.

If you find the brand reliable, an upgrade can be made and you have 4 other account options at your disposal. Choose between Silver, Gold, VIP, and Pro accounts, to get access to more features, in exchange for a larger deposit. EFT Markets unlocks premium features such as a personal portfolio manager,  daily portfolio progress reports, weekly live stream trading webinars, and customized education programs.

In terms of deposits and withdrawals via EFT Markets, you can use a credit/debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and others) or transfer funds via a bank wire transfer. It is up to you to decide which method is most convenient for you.


When trading in a fast-paced environment, access to relevant information becomes a necessity. That is why EFT Markets ensures all customers get to use educational resources. Its trading academy includes multiple resources for those eager to learn about the markets. Trading webinars, monthly sessions with certified accountants, in-depth research, a VIP advisor, and other benefits are offered, depending on the account type chosen. 


 EFT Markets features


Now that our EFT Markets analysis is completed, we can conclude this brand does its best to ensure optimal trading conditions. At a time when all financial assets are active, the 1,000+ asset list is more than optimal and the proprietary trading software proves to be reliable, regardless of the device used. 

If you want to do your own research about the brand, feel free to check its website because there you will find all the information you need. We can safely place EFT Markets in the list of trusted brands. We hope this broker stays on the same path to success. 

Finetero Review

January 14, 2021 at 8:33 am


Finetero Highlights

Finetero is a CFD and Bitcoin trading platform, founded in 2018 and currently serving traders in over 150 different countries. Providing customers with access to top-tier liquidity and a wide range of trading tools are some of the brand’s main goals, while also putting an emphasis on strong security and customer-friendly services.

Finetero logo

With Finetero you can trade FX at leading costs and fast execution speed, at a time when currency volatility is elevated. Thanks to reliable and diverse trading software, plus plenty of educational resources, traders working with this provider can be part of a growing audience. Are you trying to find out if Finetero is the right platform for you to trade with? If you are, our Finetero Review should provide the information you need. 

Trading Software

Aware of the importance of proper trading software, Finetero is currently offering two reliable solutions:

  • WebTrader
  • MetaTrader 4

Each of them comes with several advantages, able to adapt to different circumstances. The WebTrader can be accessed via any browser and thus does not require any installation. On top of that, it has a friendly user-interface and it integrates advanced charting and other functionalities, including making deposits, 5 different languages, and various themes. 

This is a platform that can be used on any type of device (PC, laptop, or mobile), allowing traders complete control over their trading accounts. 

Finetero WebTrader

On the other hand, MetaTrader 4 provides a great solution to trade the markets, given its established reputation and integrated tools. With MT4, traders don’t have to worry about trading execution or security, since millions of people use and trust this software. We are pleased to see Finetero focused on providing optimal trading platforms, making sure traders with different objectives can find what they want. 

Finetero Assets

The main term when describing the Finetero asset coverage is “diversity”. Forex, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies are covered by the brand, which means it is possible to either focus on a specific asset class or build a diversified trading portfolio. 

You can trade forex with Finetero and take advantage of narrow spreads, high leverage, fast execution, and optimal liquidity conditions. The average execution time for trades surpasses 7.12 ms and on top of that, the trading infrastructure is powered by Amazon AWS. 

Finetero advantages

Even though our main focus is on the forex trading offer, it is important to note that Finetero offers advantageous conditions for stocks, indices, and commodities as well. It is one step ahead of the competition in terms of its crypto coverage, thanks to tens of different instruments currently part of its offer. 

Account Types

Before talking about the account types available, we should mention Finetero holds customer funds in segregated bank accounts and uses STP/no dealing desk execution. Trading is available with deposits starting at 200 euros, for which customers get access to a Bronze account. 

Notable features like Trading Central Daily Newsletters and Premium Signals, a private trading academy, and standard trading commissions are part of that account. To get access to enhanced features, traders can also choose from Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Premium accounts, requiring larger initial deposits. 

Traders also need to be aware of the dormant fee of $100 per month, which applies after an inactivity period of more than 45 days. Finetero has an auto trading software fee as well, but access to auto trading features depends on the account type chosen. 


Knowledge is a powerful weapon when trading in financial markets and Finetero wants its customers to be updated with reliable data. As a result, customers can get access to webinars and seminars, resources provided by Trading Central, and a comprehensive trading academy.

Large account holders can benefit from access to the Event Room, private trading sessions, Finetero Investments Mirror Trader and RoboX, and VIP services. Bronze accounts get the fewest educational resources, but even in their case, there is enough to learn how to swim in the markets. 


All the trading benefits described, combined with several awards already received by Finetero, confirm that this is a brand fully committed to providing top-notch trading services. What stands out is the proprietary WebTrader and also the very tight spreads for the popular FX pairs. In case you are a beginner, the educational resources provided will get you through the initial steps, helping you understand how financial markets work. 

Advocating for complete transparency, Finetero is sharing all the relevant information about its services on the official website. Check it out in case you want to find out more about the benefits when trading with this provider. 


eXcentral Review

December 15, 2020 at 7:48 am


eXcentral Highlights

eXcentral is an online brokerage house offering reliable and professional CFD trading services for traders based in the European Economic Area. Regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, with CIF license number 226/16, and compliant with the ICF and ESMA, it is in line with all the latest regulatory requirements applicable for European traders.

Traders working with this provider have the unique opportunity to get involved in the financial markets through 160+ CFD instruments and trusted trading software, incorporating fast execution, multiple trading tools, and a customer-friendly interface.

Advocating for fact-based professional trading, eXcentral also proudly provides access to plenty of educational resources and financial market news. With all these features available, CFD traders can be constantly informed and get a deeper view of the market conditions at any given moment. Since many people would like to know more about the brand, our eXcentral review will try to highlight some of the most important trading benefits offered by the broker.

eXcentral logo

Trading Software

eXcentral continues to rely on MetaTrader 4, a trading platform 15+ years in the market with plenty of good feedback from professional forex traders. The implementation of interactive charts with 9 timeframes, 30+ built-in technical indicators, EAs compatibility, a user-friendly interface, as well as the mobile version (Android and iOS) altogether creates an optimal trading experience.

Given eXcentral is a forex broker respected on an international level, its customers have more options in terms of platforms. On top of MT4, the eXcentral WebTrader answers the needs of those wanting more flexibility. Specifically designed to improve your trading experience, it is software incorporating multiple trading benefits, accessible via any browser with no installation required.

For mobile trading capabilities, traders are able to take advantage of the eXcentral trading app, on top of the mobile MT4. The broker has developed versions for both Android and iOS devices, satisfying traders that want to trade on mobile with a platform having a interface similar to that of the WebTrader.

eXcentral MT4 mobile platform

eXcentral Assets

As a reputable CFD and forex broker, eXcentral provides access to 160+ trading instruments based on forex, indices, commodities, shares, and cryptocurrencies. FX trading has become attractive once again in 2020, given its elevated volatility. With the benefits offered by this brand, both beginner and advanced traders can take advantage of the price movements.

The maximum leverage for forex trading is capped at 1:30 for retail customers and 1:400 for professionals. Spreads vary while at the same time, it is possible to trade as low as 0.01 (micro lots), a good feature for those with small accounts.

Even though the asset offer covers CFDs based on tens of different currency pairs, eXcentral also provides access to 13 popular global indices, 19 commodities, tens of shares from the largest global companies, and 5 of the most popular cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Litecoin, and XRP).

Account Types

Trading with eXcentral means access to 4 different account types for both retail and professional customers. Classic, Silver, Gold, and VIP are the options available right now, each with different benefits provided. The main differences between them have to do with spreads and the access to several premium features such as Trading Signals via SMS from Trading Central, VIP webinars, or dedicated account managers.

However, even smaller accounts (classic or silver) get access to free support, trading education resources, and negative balance protection. In terms of funding methods, eXcentral is supporting transactions via credit/debit card, wire transfers, Skrill, or Neteller.

eXcentral account types


eXcentral comes to the rescue for traders that still need to learn more about the markets and provides live market summaries, daily chart analysis, interactive webinars, and a free trading academy for all registered customers. Gold and VIP account holders can benefit from the popular technical analysis tool Trading Central, as well as from VIP webinars, dedicated account managers, and full account overviews.


eXcentral has a solid background and thanks to regulatory compliance, it is currently among the European brokerage houses traders can trust. As seen in our review, there are plenty of trading benefits available with the brand, which is good news given the current market uncertainty.

Trading with eXcentral means access to a team of professionals always standing by for customers. Our analysis concludes this is a brokerage brand suited for both beginner and experienced traders looking to take their trading to the next level.


Risk Warning: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 79.65% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Please read our Risk Disclosure document.



IGM FX Broker Review

December 13, 2020 at 5:55 am

 IGM FX trading

Expert Summary

IGM FX is a regulated CFD broker based in the European Economic Area, covering 160+ different markets, providing a comprehensive trading offer for a broad range of traders.

Headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus, the IGM FX regulation is in line with the latest requirements. IGM Forex Ltd is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and registered with multiple European regulators, including AFM in the Netherlands, FSA in Denmark, FI in Sweden, ASF in Romania, or FSA in Norway.

The Broker provides CFD trading based on Forex, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies, available with flexible leverage for both retail and professional customers. IGM FX continue to put a lot of effort into providing its customers with top-notch trading services and because of that, there are plenty of trading benefits currently available

Educational resources, trading analysis tools, different trading platforms, 4 account types, 24/7 customer support, dedicated account managers, and tight trading costs are just some of the reasons why a lot of traders had already chosen to work with the brand.

With several years of expertise in the CFD trading industry, IGM FX has the ability to provide consistent trading services, in line with the latest European regulation, for a broad range of traders that want to take advantage of the financial markets.

Unique Trading Features at IGM FX

There are multiple unique features currently available at IGM FX, one of them being the 24/7 all-inclusive support. At a time when most of the brokerage houses offer support 24/5, this is a brand that stands out substantially.

Opening an account with IGM FX can be done in a few simple steps, even by individuals with little or no experience. They need to register for an account, verify it, fund using one of the payment methods support, and then enjoy trading.

 IGM FX account opening

Traders wanting to learn more about the markets can take advantage of the wide range of free educational resources that include trading eBooks, live webinars, and trading video tutorials. Depending on the account type chosen, other premium resources can be provided. At the same time, there are plenty of trading analysis tools, including market news, market summaries, economic calendar, and daily chart analysis.

IGM FX Trading Software

To satisfy all trading needs, IGM FX relies on multiple platforms, one of them being the popular MetaTrader 4. With a solid reputation, MT4 is a platform that continues to inspire trust among CFD traders, and because of that, we continue to see so many different brokerage houses relying on it.

The IGM FX customized MT4 version provides access to all 160+ available markets, free trading analysis tools, 30+ technical indicators, customizable EAs, multiple order types, and customizable push notifications and alerts.

Secondly, it would be important to note the IGM FX Web Trading Platform, a browser-based solution that comes with similar features, but one that does not require any installation. It has a friendly web interface and facilitates fast trading execution, which is why most of the traders will fancy it.

To trade via mobile, the mobile versions of the MT4 or the WebTrader ensure ample options when markets are volatile and traders need access while on the go.

IGM FX Deposits and Withdrawals

European CFD traders can take advantage of some of the largest payment providers when trading with IGM FX. They can make deposits or withdrawals using credit/debit cards, Skrill, Neteller, or wire transfer. Trading accounts can be denominated in USD, EUR, or GBP, and the minimum deposit for each of the currencies is 250.

Full account verification is required for withdrawals. That can be done by uploading a personal ID, proof of residence, and verification of the payment method.

Beginner Trader Support

IGM FX has a customer-oriented approach and because of that, it has a dedicated team of customer support representatives available 24/7. At the same time, there are dedicated account managers and senior account managers.

Beginners are supported via a broad range of educational resources and trading analysis tools. Gold and VIP account holders will get access to dedicated account managers and dedicated senior account managers, respectively.

Is IGM FX Safe to Use?

IGM FX is headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus and its mother company is regulated by CySEC, as well as registered with multiple European regulators. Because of that, the broker is well aligned with the latest CFD trading regulations applicable to the European Economic Area.

With that in mind, it is clear that trading with IGM FX can be done safely, without having to worry about compliance. The broker operates transparently and provides all the necessary information on its website or via customer support representatives available 24/7.

Other Services

Because financial markets continue to be challenging, IGM FX provides plenty of added-value via trading tools and resources that can enhance one’s perspective on trading. As a result, Gold and VIP account holders will benefit from trading signals via SMS from MTE, full account overview, VIP webinars, and dedicated account managers.

IGM FX educational resources

For all customers, there are multiple resources available, such as free trading education, and educational webinars. Lastly, IGM FX offers access to trading analysis tools that could be helpful when traders have difficulties in understanding the market’s performance at any given point.

IGM FX Review Conclusion

IGM FX is a regulated CFD broker based in the European Economic Area that wants to benefit from competitive trading conditions on 160+ available markets. With customers from all over the continent, the brand proves to inspire trust among traders and that should be a strong incentive for those looking for a new trading partner.

European regulation for CFD trading is among the most strict in the world and as a European broker, IGM FX is a broker well aligned with the current requirements. Due to 24/7 all-inclusive support, multiple trading platforms, diversity of assets, educational resources, and trading tools, the conclusion is that IGM FX is a reliable brand to work with.


Risk warning: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

GXCM Review

December 2, 2020 at 5:48 am

GXCM Highlights

The challenges raised by the current financial conditions as well as the demand for personalized trading services had incentivized GXCM to provide a unique trading offer, with proprietary trading software at its core.

GXCM is an international online trading platform working on behalf of customers outside the EU and currently supporting thousands of different CFD instruments based on Forex, stocks, commodities, indices, futures contracts, and cryptocurrencies.

GXCM logo

Beginners will be pleased with what they can find at GXCM, considering there are a variety of educational resources (trading guides, education center, one-on-one with trading experts, etc.), a groundbreaking platform with easy access, market-leading spreads, as well as the latest economic and market news.

Trades are executed within milliseconds, there is a variety of funding options and currency support, and customer support is available 24/6. Are you curious to find out more about the brand? Read our comprehensive GXCM Review to get more insights into this promising online trading platform.

Trading Software

A unique trading experience is provided by GXCM thanks to its proprietary web-based software. Beginners don’t need to fear using it, due to a user-friendly user interface. On the left side, traders can choose what assets to display, in the center, there is the charts and orders section below, while on the right side of the platform, the broker managed to integrate a section with all the latest market and economic news.

GXCM trading platform

Because this is a browser platform, customers can use it not just on a desktop or laptop, but also on an Android or iOS device. There are no limitations in terms of the operating system because the only thing needed is a good browser.

According to GXCM, the platform combines practicality and popularity, offering a new solution for those that want a personalized trading experience. Charts are a solid advantage, given the support for a wide range of technical analysis tools. Implementing any technical strategy won’t be a problem when trading with GXCM.

GXCM Assets

There are no doubts GXCM is a platform for trading Forex, with tens of different currency pairs currently supported. You can trade on the leading pairs (EURUSD, GBPUSD, or USDJPY) and minors or exotic (AUDJPY, USDSGD, or USDZAR) with up to 1:100 leverage, floating spreads, 0 commission, and a usual Monday-to-Friday trading schedule.

Even though FX trading is one of the main capabilities when using the GXCM platform, it is important to note that the brand offers support for other asset classes as well. You can diversify with more than 2,000 shares, stock market indices, futures, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. All the trading instruments are CFDs, meaning customers can go long or short, without limitations. The smallest order size is 1,000 units (micro lot) and that should enable even those with limited capital to get involved.

GXCM assets

Account Types

GXCM believes that all customers need access to competitive trading conditions and because of that, it only offers a standard account. The main trading features associated are as follows:

–          Mobile friendly trading capabilities

–          Tight spreads

–          Access to an education center & trading guides

–          Latest economic and market news integrated into the platform

–          Milliseconds-fast trade execution

–          Exclusive positions

–          24/6 customer support service

–          Access to exclusive reports

–          One-on-one with trading experts.

Funding an account with GXCM can be done using a credit/debit card or bank wire transfer. Also, all customers get access to expert analysis on the leading stocks from the prior month. GXCM runs bonus promotions occasionally, enabling customers to increase their account size. Although this means more funds available to trade, it would be important to take note of all the terms & conditions associated.


Since all respectable trading brands offer educational resources, GXCM does not fall behind. With access to an education center, latest market news, economic calendar, and most importantly, one-on-one with trading experts, traders have access to efficient trading resources, all in one place.

GXCM believes that with proper knowledge and dedication any beginner can learn how markets work and then develop methods and techniques to take advantage of short-term price movements. This is the main goal of the education section and for now, it benefits from good feedback.



Trading FX CFDs as well as other asset classes can be done in proper conditions when working with GXCM. The brand proves a customer-oriented approach and with plenty of features and tools available, getting involved in the financial markets is no longer just for the privileged few.

Our analysis ends with a positive conclusion on the services provided by GXCM. This a safe and transparent online trading platform that should be considered by a broad range of CFD traders.