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Kadocapital Review

November 3, 2020 at 7:46 am

KadoCapital highlights

Kadocapital is an online CFD trading platform that focuses on its clients, both new and experienced, by offering them the ultimate crypto trading and investing experience. With a large number of assets available, Kadocapital strives to become one of the biggest players in the industry by offering a wide variety of tools, useful featured, educational resources, and options to its customers. Sadly, the platform is not available for residents of the United States, so that’s one thing to take into consideration.

Kadocapital also offers over 800 crypto pairs and ICOs, a highly-intuitive web-based platform, and an updated and quick mobile app, to allow you to trade on the go, wherever you are. So, without further ado, here is what you should know about one of the newest brokers out there and whether or not you should choose it.

Trading software

Kadocapital’s trading software is the most important thing that all new clients should be aware of. It’s an advanced web-based platform that doesn’t require you to download and install it. In fact, it works directly from your web browser of choice, regardless if you are on Mac or Windows. Real-time trading view charts, live support, asset alerts, real-time prices, and updates, buy and sell operations, as well as the possibility to make deposits, set limits, and manage and close and manage pending orders are all available directly from the Kadocapital platform.

Then you have an up-to-date mobile trading app that will allow you to trade and invest on the go, no matter where you are, with just a stable internet connection at your disposal. You can download and use it regardless if your mobile device runs on an Android or iOS operating system. Interactive currency charts, real-time profit, and loss data, and the option to open and close positions are all available directly from the app.

KadoCapital assets

The Kadocapital forex trading offer is varied as well as its asset list that includes crypto, commodities, indices, and shares. It’s worth noting that Kadocapital’s idea is to allow all types of users to trade and invest according to their own desires and goals. So, everyone, both beginners and experienced can become involved in the specific assets that they find most suitable for their objectives.

There are also more than 800 crypto pairs and ICOs available, as well as professional account leverage of 1:400, and variable spreads from 0.1 pip for all users, without limitations. Deposits can be made directly from the platform using USD, GBP, EUR, BTC, USDT, or ETH from your credit/debit card or cryptocurrency. The minimum deposit is $250 but the platform recommends starting with at least $1.000 in order to grasp and benefit from everything Kadocapital has to offer.

As for the Forex and CFD trading possibilities, they clearly represent an interest point in today’s market and the fact that Kadocapital offers both it’s a big plus. As you probably already know, CFD trading involves a lot more options in multiple markets while Forex trading is based solely on currency. Again, one of Kadocapital’s numerous advantages is that it offers both of these trading solutions.

Account types

Another important thing that all possible future users should know is that there are six main account types that they can choose from Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, VIP, or Algo Fund. Special features some with each of them but the important fact is that regardless of your choice, you will still benefit from all the aforementioned features plus unlimited access to the hottest market news and support from a dedicated and professional team that’s available 24/6 via chat, phone, or e-mail.

You should know that the platform will require a thorough verification of your account both when opening it and when requesting withdrawals in order to make sure that everything is done safely. Withdrawals are done by completing a special form that will be processed in three working days. After five more working days, you will receive your money in the same account that you used when you made the deposits in the first place.


The educational resources offered by Kadocapital are definitely useful and varied. They are meant to help each customer have a pleasant experience trading in general and to allow everyone to learn a thing or two about this domain.

Things like free market research, advanced market analytics and charting, as well as order types, and the unique support team will certainly help any trader, regardless of they have prior experience or not.

Another interesting resource is the possibility to take part in a 1 on 1 training with an expert trader regardless of the account type you choose or deposit. This unique feature is meant as a helping tool for everyone who wants to get involved in trading more deeply, to learn key tricks, and to take those first steps safely.


This thorough analysis of Kadocapital was made taking all possible risk factors and benefits into consideration and we did not find anything suspicious that might make you turn away from using it. Kadocapital works in a regulated environment that will allow you to invest and trade safely, quickly, and easily.

With its huge number of tools, features, educational resources, and assets, Kadocapital can certainly become a top trading platform in the months to come. It remains to be seen whether or not it will live up to its expectations but so far, things are looking up for Kadocapital!

Index Review CFD Broker Review

October 21, 2020 at 11:40 am

Index Review Highlights

IndexReview is a streamlined online brokerage that operates with high-tech infrastructure and minimal overheads, with the main goal of making trading cheaper and affordable for the broadest number of traders possible. The brand is owned by High Concept Holdings LTD, a company regulated by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC).

Index Review logo

What’s important to note about the broker is that it has managed to develop a new standard of trading innovation over the years, allowing sophisticated investments in CFDs within a simple structure. There are more than 1,000 different assets available for trading, including tens of different FX pairs, on top of stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

Considering its unique trading approach and the variety of benefits provided, we would like to offer this comprehensive review. Are you looking for a new FX and CFD broker to work with? Here is what IndexReview can provide right now.

Trading Software

Its advanced trading platform opens up markets with leading trading tools and instruments, online webinars, real-time data, and more than 1,000 assets currently supported. This is a proprietary browser-based platform, designed for both beginners and experienced traders.

Customized charts and live data feed, CFDs, FX, and crypto under 1 wallet, professional trading tools, as well as desktop, mobile & tablet compatibility are just some of the benefits.

Relying on a proprietary solution means that customers can benefit from a personalized trading experience and at the same time, use the exact tools that are a must in the current market environment. The Index Review platform benefits from decent feedback, which is something notable, given there are so many different solutions in the market.

Index Review Assets

The asset coverage at Index Review is not focused solely on a particular market but integrates FX pairs, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Because of this, the broker wants to satisfy traders with different objectives, making sure they can get involved in the assets they desire.


Index Review assets

However, it is important to note that Forex pairs and stocks cover most of the list,  assets that have been increasingly active this year. But diversification is key in such an environment so traders can also trade on indices, commodities, or some of the leading cryptocurrencies.

The leverage is flexible, ranging from 1:400 for FX pairs, to a minimum of 1:5 for cryptocurrencies and stocks. More volatile instruments carry low volatility to prevent high losses. At the same time, with risk management tools traders can keep their risk under control.

Account Types

But diversification can’t only be found just in the asset coverage, but also in the accounts available with IndexReview. Regardless of personal finances, anybody should be able to open a live account with the broker, considering a Basic account requires a minimum deposit of $250. Customer support 24/7, access to an education center, webinars, price alerts, and other benefits are granted, which is why even a basic account can be efficient.

Still, the offer does not end with it and there are also Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP accounts available. Keep in mind that index-review.com also runs a welcome bonus promotion, ranging between 10%-100% depending on the account type chosen. Terms and conditions will also apply for those choosing to receive the bonus.


Regardless of the previous trading background, there are always things left to learn. That is why index-review.com is focused on providing comprehensive educational resources. Video courses, eBooks, webinars, and many other useful tools are integrated into the Education Center, to make sure that both beginners and experienced traders can get more insights into the financial markets. We appreciate the fact that the broker considers this aspect so seriously and puts in a great effort to promote responsible trading.

Index Review assets


After an in-depth analysis of what it has to offer, we did not find anything wrong with Index Review. This is an international trading brand regulated by IFSC, wanting to show that it truly puts the customer first. Considering the uncertain market environment as well as the high level of volatility, the great advantage of Index Review comes from the diversified set of assets as well as the account types.

On top of that, clients can benefit from 24/7 support, plenty of educational resources, and a platform built in-house to provide a unique trading experience. IndexReview qualifies as a reliable broker and can be put alongside other brands that have already delivered. Check their websites to find out more about what they can offer right now!


500Investments Review

October 11, 2020 at 8:10 am


500Investments Highlights

500Investments is an online trading brand owned and operated by Cabsy Holdings Ltd., focused on providing an innovative approach to trading for traders from all around the world, except for several restricted jurisdictions like the United States of America. The main reason why the broker benefits from increased attention has to do with the broad coverage of instruments, currently including more than 1,000 different assets, including tens of FX pairs, alongside stocks, indices, commodities, and crypto.

Alt-text: 500Investments logo

Privacy and security are two of the main concerns for 500Investments, which is why the company uses advanced encryption methods and has clear rules for dealing with personal and financial data. Customers only need to take care of the trading process, while the broker takes care of the rest. Do you want to know if 500Investments is a reliable broker? Our review should help you get an answer.

Trading Software

In a market flooded with different brokerage brands, the only way to succeed is by providing a unique trading experience. To do that, 500Investments had designed a proprietary platform, instead of relying on an existing solution. This approach comes with both pros and cons, but ultimately, we came to the conclusion that the platform is simple, fast, and integrates multiple useful tools.

With it, traders can benefit from Social Trading, TradingView charts, or place price alerts. Also, this is a multi-compatible trading solution, considering it’s web-based and any trader is able to access the platform from any device, starting from desktop, laptop, to smartphone and tablet.

This is a platform flexible enough to meet any trading style and adapt to all assets that are currently part of the offer. At the same time, it does not have an overly complex interface, making it ideal for traders that are still in their early stages.

500Investments Assets

One of the most important highlights of the asset coverage is represented by the 500Investments forex trading offer. At the time of writing, there are tens of different currency pairs (majors, minors, and exotics) available for trading with up to 1:400 leverage. The spreads floating and the maintenance margin is 0.125%.

On top of that, traders can benefit from a broad selection of global stocks, indices, commodities, and tens of different cryptocurrency instruments. In doing so, 500Investments is now a multi-asset broker, able to satisfy the needs of many different traders. During a period when markets are increasingly volatile, it would be imperative to have a diversified exposure, and thanks to the offer assembled by 500Investments, that’s now possible.


Account Types

The 500Investments does not end just with 1,000 different assets, but it also provides access to 5 different account types:

  • Basic
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

With the same goal of meeting the demands of a broad range of traders, 500Investments wants to make sure that access to the markets is ensured without major roadblocks. As a result, traders can open a basic account with as little as $250. In case they only want to test the services, they can trade on a demo account, to see how the platform can perform.

Among the most notable features associated with the 500Investments accounts, we should mention 24/6 support, free access to trading academy, daily market briefs, webinars/seminars, and support from a dedicated/senior account manager. Only the large account holders will benefit from features like exclusive updates, wealth management, and giveaways.


Taking part in traders’ education is one of the main goals at 500Investments, which is why all traders will benefit from access to a trading academy. They will be introduced to the basics of trading and learn how to get involved in the markets. Alongside this, it is important to note the Social Trading capabilities, and daily market briefs. The support of dedicated account managers could also play an important role along the way.


500Investments is a well-established FX and CFD broker, wanting to reach traders that aim to take advantage of the massive potential in the financial industry, without limitations. This is an international brand that had already proven to be one to be trusted. With its expertise in the trading field, 500Investments has the ability to stay updated with the latest market developments and provide its customers with the most useful trading benefits. In case you want to trade FX and diversify with other popular assets like stocks, indices, commodities, or crypto, you should take a look at what 500Investments currently has to offer.

STR Capital Review

September 27, 2020 at 8:12 am

STR Capital Highlights

STR Capital is a global CFD broker created as a way for traders to get involved in a wide range of CFDs, using a user-friendly yet cutting-edge platform. The brand is constantly upgrading its services in order to provide customers with an ever-expanding asset selection, 5-star support, and personal assistance.

STR Capital uses multiple security protocols to protect personal data and money from unwanted threats, while also investing a lot of resources to keep the web-based trading platform optimized and always ready to give access to the market from any location. Our STR Capital review will highlight some of the most important features provided and ultimately, it will be up to every person to decide if this is the right CFD broker to work with.

Trading Software

The STR Capital web trading platform is unique software, the interface is futuristic and advanced, optimized so traders will be able to select and use the tools they need without any major hurdles. It includes advanced charting, multiple order types, risk management tools, and all the usual trading tools traders expect from a platform.

STR Capital platform


On top of that, the STR Capital platform integrates live TV, market news, and several useful sections like Gainers & Losers, Favorites, and Alerts, to keep track of the preferred assets. Traders can make fast deposits, request a withdrawal, view profile, and plenty of other operations, considering the platform is the place where all the activities will occur.

STR Capital Assets

When it comes to asset coverage, STR Capital is proud to say that it supports a broad range of instruments, including CFDs on Forex, crypto, indices, commodities, stocks from the USA, Australia, Canada, and Europe, and also, ETFs and bonds.

STR Capital assets


With such broad coverage, it is convenient to build a diversified portfolio of assets and take advantage of different market developments. Since these are CFDs, you can go long or short, without any restrictions. The maximum leverage is 1:200 for FX but drops to as low as 1:5 for instruments like crypto and stocks. Spreads are variable and will also depend on the account type chosen.

Account Types

The STR Capital account types offer is diversified, including 6 different options:

–          Basic

–          Silver

–          Gold

–          Platinum

–          Diamond

–          Millioner Club.

To open a Basic account, a minimum 500 Euros deposit will be required and in exchange, customers get access to Trading Alerts, up to 10% loyalty bonus, once a day signals, daily market review, and up to 2 weeks assistance from the account manager.

Traders willing to deposit more are incentivized with enhanced features. They can benefit from advanced charts, exclusive updates, up to 100% loyalty bonus, savings account, unlimited support from an account manager, money management, and a group of analysts.

Deposits can be made using a credit/debit card, while in the case of withdrawals, all traders are required to pass the verification process first. The STR Capital account policy highlights all the important steps that must be taken to get an account verified. Check it out to see what documents you need to provide.

With so many different options available each trader can find the right account type, depending on personal finances and trading objectives. All accounts get access to the same number of trading instruments.


STR Capital pays close attention to providing its clients with updated educational resources and market information. Because of that, traders can benefit from trading alerts and signals, daily market reviews, assistance from an account manager, money management services, and the expertise of a group of analysts. Also, the broker provides basic educational resources about topics like History of Finance, trading basics, trends, assets, and indicators.


Using its expertise in the online trading world, STR Capital had managed to develop a unique trading offer, built around a proprietary trading software. Traders that fancy this type of solution will find the ecosystem very attractive. Also, there are many different CFD instruments to trade on, opening up access to a broad range of markets.

STR Capital looks like a broker fully committed to work on clients’ behalf, constantly making sure they get all the resources needed to tackle the markets in optimal conditions. For more information on the trading services provided by the broker, feel free to check its website, or contact the customer support service.

STR Capital Conclusion

Using its expertise in the online trading world, STR Capital had managed to develop a unique trading offer, built around a proprietary trading software. Traders that fancy this type of solution will find the ecosystem very attractive. Also, there are many different CFD instruments to trade on, opening up access to a broad range of markets.

STR Capital looks like a broker fully committed to work on clients’ behalf, constantly making sure they get all the resources needed to tackle the markets in optimal conditions. For more information on the trading services provided by the broker, feel free to check its website, or contact the customer support service.

ClickTrades Review

September 24, 2020 at 8:54 am

ClickTrades Highlights

A website operated by KW Investments Limited, clicktrades.com is authorized and regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA), with license number SD020. The broker offers access to more than 2,100 instruments, ranging from CFDs on Forex, shares, blends, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, bonds, and ETFs.

Trading with ClickTrades opens access to numerous trading benefits, including competitive spreads, trusted trading software, educational resources, and premium trading tools such as Trading Central.

With years of experience in the CFD trading industry, ClickTrades earned a solid reputation and it is now operating for customers based in different countries, except for Japan, Canada, the USA, and other restricted areas.

ClickTrades logo

Our ClickTrades review will explore some of the main benefits and will try to provide enough resources for someone to decide whether this is the right trading partner to work with.

Trading Software

At ClickTrades traders are able to choose between two trusted platforms to make their trading journey one to remember. We begin with the ClickTrades WebTrader, a versatile and customizable platform, offering access to the markets via any device supporting a modern browser. Since it integrates analytical tools, multiple charting techniques, and some other extra features, traders are currently using it extensively.

ClickTrades trading software

Available on both desktop (Windows and Mac) and mobile (Android), while also integrating the popular Trading Central, WebTrader is an excellent package of resources for analysis and recommendations provided by financial experts.

To make sure that its offer is complete and diverse, ClickTrades has also introduced support for the popular MetaTrader 5. Intuitive and user-friendly, with diverse execution modes, a wide range of analytical tools, lightning-fast trading execution, and the ability to use Expert Advisors, MT5 is one of the top picks among retail CFD traders. They can download it for Desktop, or get the app from Google Play to use it on mobile, as well.

ClickTrades Assets          

Traders working with ClickTrades have the ability to get involved in more than 2,100 assets, including CFDs on forex, shares, blends, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, bonds, and ETFs. As all financial markets have been active this year, trading with this brand means you will be able to diversify.

In terms of conditions, the ClickTrades forex trading offer comes with fixed/variable spreads and up to 1:300 leverage. For all other asset classes, spreads are variable and the leverage decreases, depending on the instruments. The broker had also introduced a 0-commission trading offer, which further enhances the competitiveness of the trading costs.

You can trade CFDs on stocks from the healthcare sector, some that are related to COVID-19 vaccines, and try to benefit from the increased volatility. Or you can get involved in CFDs on indices, ETFs, FX, or bonds, in case you want to deal in some of the most popular markets.

ClickTrades assets

Account Types

Essential, Original, and Signature are the three account types currently available with ClickTrades. Each will require a certain initial deposit and at the same time, will provide access to proportionate trading features and functionalities. The trading schedule is from Monday to Friday, including cryptocurrencies.

Traders can test strategies on a demo account and benefit from different resources provided by the broker to get more educated or to get more insights into the market performance. When it comes to Trading Central, only Signature account holders will get access to it. At the same time, most Premium trading conditions will be available for these clients.


ClickTrades definitely considers trading education seriously, as the brand currently provides access to comprehensive resources, including full access to a video library, daily market news & financial research, daily analyst recommendations from a 3rd party, support from a dedicated account representative, or one-to-one meetings with an account representative.

If you are a beginner or an intermediate trader, these educational tools will serve along the way as a great inspiration and will provide quality information to enhance your skills.


ClickTrades Conclusion

After considering most of the important trading features provided by ClickTrades, we can conclude the broker is trusted and offers combative trading conditions for its customers.

Backed by a renowned financial investment company, ClickTrades positioned itself as one of the biggest trading brands in this industry.

We can recommend it to anyone looking to trade CFDs and aiming to get involved in different markets with ease. There is absolutely no reason to believe ClickTrades is a scam, given its transparency and commitment to the highest regulatory standards.


Risk Warning: The materials contained on this document are not made by ClickTrades but by an independent third party and should not in any way be construed, either explicitly or implicitly, directly or indirectly, as investment advice, recommendation or suggestion of an investment strategy with respect to a financial instrument, in any manner whatsoever. Trading CDF’s involves significant risk of loss


TRADE.com Review

September 21, 2020 at 5:17 am

TRADE.com Highlights

TRADE.com is a trade name operated by Trade Capital Markets (TCM) Ltd, which is regulated by CySEC and South Africa’s FSCA, and by Livemarkets Limited, it’s authorized and regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Since the brand follows very strict guidelines with regards to clients’ funds and the highest standard of account management service, TRADE.com has built itself a solid reputation in the online trading industry.

Its services cover CFDs, Thematic Portfolios, IPOs, and Asset Management. This TRADE.com review will focus mainly on the forex and CFDs offer since that’s one of the most demanded offers at present.


Trading Software

One of the best news for traders wanting to work with TRADE.com comes from the fact that the broker supports multiple platforms. We should first talk about WebTrader, the proprietary platform that is constantly upgraded by the broker.

TRADE.com WebTrader

The latest generation includes multi-chart display windows with independent chart functions, mobile compatibility, integrated tools like Trading Central, Events & Trade, and others, secure management tools, style and chart settings, and invaluable access to online assistance 24/5. With the WebTrader, you can trade on more than 2,1000 CFDs, covering a broad range of markets.

On top of it, TRADE.com also provides access to the popular MetaTrader 4, through both desktop and mobile interfaces. Since it has a good reputation, many traders will choose to use the MT4, thanks to a set of features such as automated trading, alerts, and other customization tools.

TRADE.com Assets

If we talk about the CFD assets available with TRADE.com, their offer includes more than 2,100 instruments, including Forex, stocks, indices, commodities, ETFs, bonds, and crypto.

You can go long or short on any of the assets, with spreads starting from as little as 0.4 pips, depending on the account type chosen.

TRADE.com assets

The TRADE.com forex offer stands out, considering there are 55 currency pairs available for trading 24/5, tight spreads, and flexible leverage, depending on the type of clients. Compliant with the latest European regulation, the broker splits clients into Retail and Professional. For retail traders, the maximum leverage for forex is 1:30, while professionals benefit from up to 1:300 leverage.

Aside from forex CFDs, clients can diversify with stocks, indices, or ETFs. At the same time, they can invest in commodities or some of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Lastly, the offer includes some of the top bonds in the world, in case traders want exposure on this market, generally popular among institutional investors.

Account Types

Starting to trade with TRADE.com is very convenient, considering a Micro account can be opened with as little as $100. To ensure a broad diversification, the offer includes Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Exclusive accounts. In exchange for larger deposits, clients will benefit from enhanced trading conditions, including tighter spreads, daily analysis, Events & Trade, dedicated account manager, premium daily analysis, and other helpful features.

Access to the popular Trading Central, a top technical analysis tool currently trending among retail traders, is not ensured for Micro and Silver account holders. Only traders that can qualify for a Professional account will be able to benefit from enhanced trading conditions.

For customers based in the UK, who want to benefit from a capital gains tax exemption and no stamp duty payable, TRADE.com also offers Spread Betting accounts. They can spread bet across forex, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies, with leverage and low commissions, via a user-friendly platform.


Depending on the account type chosen, traders working with TRADE.com can benefit from a multitude of educational resources.

Premium daily analysis, assistance from an account manager, access to the Trading Central, and others are available. We must emphasize Trading Central, because that is currently one of the most efficient technical analysis tools, and thankfully, it is available with TRADE.com, as well.


TRADE.com Conclusion

Considering it is a well-established brand, which is regulated by a number of respected financial regulators around the world, TRADE.com is without a doubt one of the more trusted brokers currently active in the market.

It had managed to achieve consistency by offering high-quality services for years in a row, and in the meantime, had managed to accumulate a large customer base.

If you want to trade CFDs or spread bet with TRADE.com, we are glad to say this is a broker you can trust. For more information on what it can offer, feel free to check the official website. That’s where you can see things in greater detail, or get in touch with one of the representatives.


HIGH RISK INVESTMENT WARNING: Spread bets and CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 76.70% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading spread bets and CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how spread bets and CFDs work, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Q8 Trade Review

September 16, 2020 at 6:46 am

Q8 Trade Highlights

Originally a broker focused on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA region), Q8 Trade had moved away from the former mother company Q8 Securities, as it now has global ambitions. Via cutting-edge technologies, broad instrument coverage, good customer service, and plenty of trading functionalities, the company had announced that 70% of millions of trades end up with success.

The brand name of MARKETFINANCIALS LIMITED, a Seychelles Securities Dealer Licensee, Q8Trade.com is authorized and regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA) under the license number SD006. At present, the brand does not allow residents in the USA and Canada to open a trading account.

Since this is a broker with high potential, our Q8 Trade Review will highlight some of the most important benefits when choosing to open a trading account.

Q8 Trade logo

Trading Software

Considering Q8 Trade wants to provide clients with the most advanced trading technologies, there are multiple platforms available on the website. The Q8 Trade WebTrader is a browser-based platform optimizing user efficiency and providing innovative trading tools. It has the usual advanced risk management tools, customer support, daily news, and technical analysis.

Secondly, clients will benefit from the world-renowned MetaTrader 5, one of the best-suited platforms for CFD traders. Built on the popularity of its predecessor, MT5 is a multi-functional platform offering the modern trader innovative analysis tools, customizable charts, and a user-friendly interface. You can use it both on desktop and mobile devices.

Lastly, Q8 Trade had developed a proprietary trading app, proving it continues to invest in trading technologies. The app integrates powerful security features to keep accounts safe and secure, customizable charts, hundreds of different tradable assets, and fast deposits/withdrawals.

Q8 Trade mobile app

Q8 Trade Assets

At Q8 Trade you are able to trade a wide range of assets, including currencies, commodities, indices, and stocks. With a maximum of 1:400 leverageand competitive commissions, the Q8 Trade forex trading offer stands out, especially since we consider there is support for tens of different currency pairs.

When it comes to stocks, aside from the companies we are all familiar with, Q8 Trade also has support for stocks from the Middle East, enabling clients to get more diversified. In this case, the maximum leverage is capped at 1:100, and standard spreads are low.

You can trade on a broad range of commodities as well, including natural gas, gold, sugar, cotton, coffee, cocoa, and oil, with up to 1:100 leverage. Lastly, Q8 Trade covers some of the top stock market indices, so traders will have more liquid alternatives to stocks.


Account Types

The Q8 Trade plans and benefits include Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond accounts. You can start trading with this brand by making a $250 initial deposit. This would be enough to test live trading conditions and at the same time, gain access to other trading features like video content, Hawks Trading Academy, and others.

Making an upgrade will come with a welcome and upgrade trading bonus, while also unlocking access to other trading features. Support from an account manager, eBooks, daily market analysis, and access to trading signals are ensured. Keep in mind that Q8 Trade has partnered with DupliTrade, a service that allows traders to execute trades automatically, based on multiple trading systems.

To deposit funds into a trading account, you can use a credit/debit card, wire transfer, or American express. Same with the used for withdrawals, where the standard fee is set at $30. It could take between 5-10 business until a withdrawal request is reviewed and approved. (In some cases due to client’s bank account, withdrawals might take longer).


Q8 Trade now ensures access to high-quality trading resources thanks to the partnership with the Hawks Trading Academy. That’s a place where you can find webinars, ebooks, articles, and many different trading courses. Its main goal is to enable a road to become a professional trader if you are willing to learn and develop all the required skills.


Q8 Trade Conclusion

Backed by multiple years of experience accumulated in the MENA region, Q8 Trade has a lot of potential in achieving its international ambitions. That happens because the broker provides access to a multitude of trading functionalities, and CFD traders will love it. We are proud to award Q8 Trade a high rating and say that this is a brand you can trust.


iFOREX Review

September 14, 2020 at 9:30 am


iFOREX Highlights

Operated by Formula Investment House Ltd, iFOREX is an online trading brand offering access to 800+ tradable instruments, including currencies, commodities, indices, shares, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. The iFOREX Group’s European subsidiary is an investment firm licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) under license number 143/11.

With more than 8 million total users, 100+ countries services, 35k+ daily transactions, and 15+ supported languages, iFOREX is one of the major global trading brands, having established a long track record in the world of CFDs.

If you want to get more information about the services provided, this iFOREX Review will explore some of the reasons why a CFD trader should work with this broker.

iFOREX logo


Trading Software

iFOREX allows customers to trade via a tailor-made trading platform that enables them to fully customize their trading experience while benefiting from innovative trading tools. This versatile platform operates smoothly and securely from any computer, with no download required.

At the same time, it provides an optimal trading experience on mobile, for both Android and iOS users. Through a secure and regulated trading environment, integration of economic calendar and trading signals, advanced live charts and indicators, user-friendly and intuitive interface, and support for multiple devices, the iFOREX is the daily driver for all CFD traders.

It does not matter what trading style you currently have, because this trading software will fit your strategies and trading schedule with ease. Based on the online reviews we’ve seen, the platform benefits from good feedback among customers and that’s an important thing to take into account.

iFOREX platform

iFOREX Assets

Trading with iFOREX means access to more than 800 different CFD instruments, including currencies, indices, shares, ETFs, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Considering the broad coverage currently available, customers can get involved in many different markets and find opportunities, while having a diversified exposure.

The iFOREX live rates are accurate due to increased liquidity conditions. It does not matter what instruments you want to trade, the broker has made sure that you get access to a variety of assets, and cut your portfolio’s expenses by opening deals on CFDs with competitive spreads.

Aside from the CFD offer, iFOREX offers direct access to global markets and the ability to invest in the price of top stocks. You can trade popular stocks with 0 commission, benefiting from stocks derivatives with a broker that has more than 20 years of experience.

Lastly, you can open a fixed interest account and earn 3% interest. In this case, the minimum deposit is $1,000 and you will need to maintain monthly activity (deposit once a month). The interest is paid monthly, there are no charges from iFOREX, and negative balance protection is granted.

Account Types

It is also important to note that all iFOREX clients will get access to a standard account, regardless of their initial deposit. They will be able to fund an account via credit/debit card, wire transfer, Skrill, or Neteller, using the same methods for withdrawals, as well. On top of that, traders working with the broker will benefit from trading signals, economic calendar, indicators, and trading sentiment (to see what other traders are thinking).


Part of the iFOREX promotions, customers can get access to different educational resources. The Education Package provides access to 1-on-1 training for beginners, exclusive trader guide, and full access to video tutorials. On the other hand, the Pro Package provides access to advanced 1-on-1 training, 2 weeks of free signals, and tight spreads on popular CFDs.

iFOREX education

Informative articles and PDF guides complete a very comprehensive offer designed to help traders with different market experience to further enhance their trading skills. iFOREX is widely known as a broker that pays close attention to education and that has still not changed.


iFOREX Conclusion

Having been active in the market for the past 20+ years, iFOREX has built a solid reputation and it is now viewed as a leading trading brand in the industry.

Considering its vast trading experience, there is no reason why we should believe this is a scam. On the contrary, this is a broker to work with if you want to benefit from proprietary software, 800+ instruments, multiple educational resources, and personalized customer support in your native language. Making sure that customers from different countries are given increased attention is one of the reasons why iFOREX benefits from good ratings.


Trading financial instruments with margin carries a high level of risk, can work both for and against you, and can result in the loss of part or all of your investment (deposit). You should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. Should you have any doubts, you should seek advice from an independent and suitably licensed financial advisor. Furthermore, you should ensure that you have sufficient time to manage your investments on an active basis. iFOREX does not provide investment advice and the information provided herein is intended for marketing purposes only and should not be relied upon as investment advice. Any indication of past performance of a financial instrument is not a reliable indicator of current and/or future performance of such financial instrument. Please read our Client Agreement and Risk Warning carefully before conducting any trades.


Stop Loss Hunting in Forex

July 24, 2018 at 2:51 pm

If you are not new to forex trading, you have probably heard about the stop loss hunting myth and it can generally influence the way traders perceive the market. That is why in this article we will digest this issue and make clear once and for all if stop loss hunting is true or not and what any forex trader can do in order to avoid being involved in such situations.

Retail trading and conflict of interest

One thing that most of the retail traders do not know is that any broker that lacks regulation and internal ethic is basically functioning as a betting company. This type of broker is literally opening positions on the other side of the market without telling anything to traders.

Also, the broker can see where the majority of people is placing stop losses and take profits, and by widening the spread (the difference between the bid and ask price) is able to trigger stops and thus make clients lose money.

What should a trader do?

You as a trader cannot stop this kind of activity, but you can take some measure in order to protect yourself. You must start to think outside of the box and take precautions, so you won’t work with a broker that does what we have described above.

The first thing to do is to choose a broker regulated by a strong and popular financial watchdog. The Financial Conduct Authority in the UK and the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States are just two examples with that respect.

Another important aspect is the liquidity provider your broker works with. 5 digits quotes and a clear chart can prove that.

It is also a good thing to check for other broker’s quotes to see if there are significant discrepancies between them. If the liquidity provider is different, the quotes might vary a bit, but significant differences should ring alarm bells.

Your trading strategy should also be set correctly. Most of the beginners lack a deep understanding of the markets and blame the broker for their losses.

Trading forex requires a lot of work and many things to take into account. The small details can add up and in the long run, can generate huge returns. Make sure to take into account all the information we have mentioned here in order to avoid working with an online broker that only looks after its interests.


Tips for Professional Forex Trading

July 2, 2018 at 2:51 pm

If you are reading this article you are most likely one of those that have a strong desire to achieve success in forex trading. However, when it comes to actually do what is required for that, you find it hard to implement all the things. Also, some of the information that had been given to you by all the “online expert traders” seems to be useless and that is why we want to give you a few trading tips that will certainly help you in your day to day activity.

Tip #1 Focus on the process not on the reward

We know that each one of you is trading because each of you wants to have more money. That is a fact which can’t be denied. However, focusing on the money and not paying 100% of your attention to the process that will eventually lead you to have more money, can end up with you actually losing money and become emotional when it comes to forex trading.

How you treat this activity is crucial if you want to be a professional forex trader. We’ve emphasized in a previous article, that treating forex like a business is the best way a person could approach this process.

Also, as we have learned from Jesse Livermore, understanding the fundamentals of the market and tracking its performance represent aspects of the trading process that you should focus on.

Tip #2 Constantly improve your game

Maybe you are one of those that already manage to get results trading forex. Maybe you have understood the market rhythm and you have developed a trading strategy that makes money. Congratulations on that, but things do not end here. There always room for the better, so this tip is to constantly look for ways that will improve your performance. You can do that by reviewing your trading activity. By doing so, you will be able to spot subtle details in your trading that could be optimized.

Tip #3 Don’t take yourself too serious

Even though you might be taking into account all the good information about trading (which is relatively impossible to do) you are still going to make mistakes. Agonizing on those mistakes and not be able to move forward can be a huge roadblock in your journey. Learn to embrace your weaknesses and your vulnerabilities and accept yourself just as you are right now. Without doing these things, you won’t be able to become a better person that you are now.