Brief History of Forex

Back in the days when kings thought they had the divine right to rule, they often wanted more money than their parliaments would grant them. But most parliamentary bodies did not consist of fools; they certainly knew better than to leave the powerful tool of taxation solely in the king’s hands. Not being able to … [Read more…]

Dec. 19, profit +20 pips so far

GBPUSD: profit target P1 has been reached for a 20 pips profit, the other 2 units were closed at break even. Thus the total for this trade is +20 pips profit.EURGBP sold at 0.8335, still openEURUSD sell stop order is still open AUDUSD order is cancelled

Is it better to make 1,000 pips or 10 pips?

So, what is better to make 1,000 pips once in a while or to make 10 pips every day?  Yes, this is a tricky question. But the way you answer this question defines your trading strategy. You can base your trading strategy on going for a big win or you can base it on winning … [Read more…]

How to get rich trading Forex?…It’s simple.

How to get rich trading forex? It’s simple. The biggest secret of all is that getting rich trading Forex IS simple: 1. Win more than you lose.2. Never lose more than your account can afford.3. Compound. Now, do not confuse simple with easy or quick! It takes discipline and patience. If you got discipline and patience, … [Read more…]